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Welcome to the Heavy Metal Resource!

March 19, 2023

Just posted a batch of album reviews. Flood gates are open again, so we'll be posting more soon.

Have you heard the early singles from Extreme and Winger? If you haven't, you really should. Just became two of my most anticipated releases at the moment. Head over to YouTube and give them a listen!

Have a great week and keep it safe!

March 5, 2023

New reviews are live. Had quite a few things going on this weekend and wasn't sure I was going to get these up, but managed to do so. Enjoy!

Have a great week and keep it safe!

February 26, 2023

Just posted a whole new Picks update reflecting to this point in 2023. I also updated the upcoming release section reflecting the next 4 weeks.

I was trying to pull it together for another batch of album reviews, but came up short, so that will probably be for next weekend.

Anybody else dig reaction videos? I get exposed to so much music and have for so many years that it is hard for me to have reactions like these people. It does feel good to see people react to stuff I loved in the 80's and have a good time. We all knew how much fun that music was. It's great to see a newer generation find the same appreciation. The era was timeless. Here's a few that I have watched recently.

Brad and Lex
Lost In Vegas
Rob Squad Reactions

Have a great week and keep it Safe!

February 18, 2023

This weeks reviews are live! We will be working on our first picks page update of the year as well as the upcoming release schedule for March closer to the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Have a great week and keep it safe!

February 12, 2023

New reviews for the week just went live. Plenty more to come. The year is already really busy.

Have a great week and keep it safe!

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