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Pick of the month for 11 - 2021
Crazy Lixx-Street Lethal
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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Crazy Lixx are one of the best bands in the current hard rock genre with an ability to deliver a sound that could have been popular in the 80's hard rock scene. They have the same attitude, songwriting structure, big choruses, etc. The latest album has plenty of memorable moments. 'Anthem For America' is one of the most memorable tracks and talks about the demise of the hard rock scene in the early 90's. Crazy Lixx has been more than able to pick up that style and run with it. They are not necessarily new at this point with a growing catalog of great albums, but if they are new to you, then definitely give this record a spin, you won't regret it!  Also, check out the other great music below!
TAO-Prophecy  ©2021 Tarot Label Media
Really good female fronted melodic hard rock band. Plenty of hit potential with this record, especially in a different era. Found the music to be instantly memorable with a pretty cool vibe. You could make the case that this band is fairly mainstream with a decent amount of polish. Good stuff!
For Fans of:  Rock Website: TAO Official Website
Dream Theater-A View From The Top Of The World   ©2021 InsideOut Music 
Another great outing from one of progressive's finest artists. The band have moved around a bit in the genre in terms of songwriting structure through the years. This record has 7 tracks total with the final track clocking in around 20 minutes. The music is solid and up to the band's usual standards. 
For Fans of:  Progressive Metal   Website: Dream Theater Official Website
Carl Sentance-Electric Eye   ©2021 Drakkar Entertainment
If you are familiar with more recent Nazareth, you'll probably be familiar with Carl Sentance. He currently fronts the band and has also put out some very good solo material including this latest album full of good songs and his great vocal work. Music has a good sound with rich sounding tones and excellent structure. Solid!
For Fans of:  Rock  Website: Carl Sentance Official Website
Alan Parsons-The NeverEnding Show-Live In The Netherlands   ©2021 Frontiers Records
Excellent live set that features many hits from the Alan Parsons Project days. My favorite part of this release was the blu-ray package. Great looking visuals and an enjoyable show. If you go with the CD set, you will get the live show in a DVD as well. One of music's legends with a great live album full of great music!
For Fans of: Rock  Website:  Alan Parsons Official Website
Attack Of The Rising-Game Changer  ©2021 Weapon Records/Vanity Music Group
So why do I like this one so much you might ask? It sounds vintage as hell. I was a big fan of the mid 80's metal scene and these guys would have fit right in. What adds to their depth as songwriters is how they keep each song interesting. You never know what is coming next in each song and that element makes this one quite fun!
For Fans of: Metal  Website:   Attack Of The Rising Website
Houston-IV   ©2021 Frontiers Records
Another great record full of melodic rock masterpieces. I look forward to the work this band does whether it be covers or originals. One of the better melodic rock bands of today. Very consistent songs once again with memorable tracks. If you like the 80's melodic rock sound, this band is always a good bet!
For Fans of: Melodic Rock   Website: Houston Facebook
Billy Idol-The Roadside EP   ©2021 BFI/Dark Horse Records 
AWe've been seeing more time between albums in the last decade or two for Billy Idol. When he releases stuff, you definitely want to partake of it. This release is a 4 track EP that has some pretty smooth music on it. The music definitely has that Billy Idol flair to it and all 4 songs are quite good!
For Fans of: Rock  Website: Billy Idol Official Website
Edge Of Paradise-The Unknown  ©2021 Frontiers Records
Great new release that continues to show the band grow and evolve. I thought there was lot of catchy material here and the band does lean a bit more modern in their sound. It was interesting to hear the industrial version of 'My Method Your Madness'. Gives it a slightly different feel. Great female fronted metal.
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Edge Of Paradise Official Website
Beast In Black-Dark Connection  ©2021 Nuclear Blast Records
RAnother fun album from this metal band that combines traditional elements with modern style as well. The band evolves a little and offer up more catchy rockers with a synth edge. More great vocal work as well. Always nice to have something a little different, and this album fits that bill!
For Fans of: Metal Website Beast In Black Official Website
November 2021 Edition
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