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Pick of the month for 8 - 2018
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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The latest from U.D.O. is a great album as he usually offers. There are moments on this record that reminded me of more classic Accept stuff. I'm sure many will agree if you have an recollection of the bands catalog. It really is amazing at how much music the band U.D.O. has put out to date. It's all been very consistent and all based in a more traditional metal sound. There is plenty to like with this record and even though it doesn't break new ground, the return to some of the more familiar sounds of years ago was pretty cool in my opinion. It's obvious there is still a lot of creativity in this band and the ability to keep fans interested with new music. this is a very cool record and felt worthy of the main nod for August's releases!  Also, check out the other great music below!
Clif Magness-Lucky Dog   ©2018 Frontiers Records
This one turned out to be a real stunner. One of the best melodic rock records I have witnessed this year. Clif is already a legend in the industry and has worked with other big name artists across the musical spectrum. He has accomplished a lot. This record shows off his skills as not only a writer, but as a skilled musician and vocalist.
For Fans of: Melodic Rock Website: Clif Magness Official Website
Kissin' Dynamite-Ecstasy   ©2018 Metal Blade Records
Another great release from this cool hard rock band out of Germany.  Some really good singles already released including 'You're Not Alone'. The band once again have a good balance with some more melodic stuff mixed with a batch of rockers. Always look forward to their releases and this did not disappoint!
For Fans of:  Hard Rock   Website: Kissin' Dynamite Official Website
Maxxwell-Metalized   ©2018 Maxxwell
Although not out yet, get this one on your radar. This is a cool and slightly heavier than their normal release. Very good pound and consistency with this release. Good mix of traditional metal and a more modern sound. If you like it heavy and full of good songs, get this one on September 21st. Solid record.
For Fans of:  Metal  Website: Maxxwell Official Website
Vega-Only Human   ©2018 Frontiers Records
GSomehow, I kept missing this band, release after release. Finally got the opportunity to check out their latest and became an instant fan. Going back to some of their earlier material, you can feel a slight change in sound, but overall it's a very good record once again. Good melody and enough punch to keep it interesting. 
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock   Website:  Vega Official Website
W.E.T.-Earthrage  ©2018 Frontiers Records
Solid third studio record from this supergroup. There is a lot of chemistry in this band. It's one good song after another and really no filler to be found. Definitely one of the years best melodic hard rock releases so far. It sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the year.  
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock  Website: Jeff Scott Soto Official Website 
Primal Fear-Apocalypse   ©2018 Frontiers Records
More consistent power metal offerings from this veteran band out of Germany. Most of this album stays true to what the band normally offer. I liked the symphonic feel and tempo changes of 'Eye of the Storm'. Overall, another good consistent record from the band. Good intensity with a melodic fusion. If you know of these guys, you'll know what to expect!
For Fans of: Power Metal   Website: Primal Fear Official Website
Kobold-Death Parade   ©2018 Iron, Blood & Death Corp
Straight out of Serbia is this ferocious thrash metal band that has a lot of old school thrash influences in their music. Being a fan of that particular genre, I was pretty happy with the intensity and form of this release. I loved the cover of Exciter's 'Stand Up and Fight'. This band gets it right and does the genre proud!
For Fans of: Thrash/Speed Metal  Website: Kobold Official Website
Airrace-Untold Stories  ©2018 Frontiers Records
Was surprised to see the return of this band. I was a huge fan of their debut. This one is a bit more modernized, but at the same time you can still feel the retro sound. I went in not knowing what to expect and came out very pleased with the album. Good record for fans of traditional melodic hard rock sounds.
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock  Website: Airrace on Facebook
Praying Mantis-Gravity  ©2018 Frontiers Records
The very catchy title track sucked me into this one. I had lost track of these guys for whatever reason, but reinforced my like for them and went back and grabbed other albums that I missed. Very good melodic metal album with a very catchy vibe. Glad the band is still writing at a very high level!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock Website Praying Mantis Official Website
August 2018 Edition
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