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Pick of the month for 11 - 2017
The Dark Element-The Dark Element
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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The return of Anette Olzon to symphonic metal and this one is amazing. The core of Cain's Offering including Jani Liimatainen make up this band but in terms of sound the bands are definitely different. The music on 'The Dark Element' really does cater to Olzon's strengths. There is some very good chemistry with this band and the music overall is consistent and very good start to finish. I'm hoping that this band doesn't just release this one album, but goes on to make many more to come as this album shows how much potential exists with this group of musicians.  It came late in the year, but is still one of my favorites to be released in 2017. If you dig female fronted metal, this one is very good and worth your attention.   Also, check out the other great music below!
Nothing More-The Stores We Tell Ourselves   ©2017 Better Noise Records
When it comes to modern bands, I really dig Nothing More. The band pack a ton of energy and really offer up solid music that has appeal to old and new fans alike. I jumped in early with the bands last release, and was quite excited to hear about this one. It met my expectation as usual. Great modern hard rock!
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock Website: Nothing More Official Website
Annihilator-For the Demented    ©2017 Silver Lining Music
Heavy stuff just the way the Annihilator fans like it. Annihilator always releases heavy, but this one feels a bit more like the thrash stuff the band has done in the past. Very good musicianship and a variety of sounds on this release, but is definitely geared to being a much more heavy and intense listen. Very cool stuff!
For Fans of:  Metal   Website: Annihilator Official Website
Adelitas Way-Notorious   ©2017 Vegas Syn
My favorite album since 2011's 'Home School Valedictorian'. In a lot of ways it has the same edge to it, but also gets it done equally as well in the more melodic side of it. The album has 9 tracks and is a bit on the short running time side, but is definitely solid in terms of quality. Good job on this one!
For Fans of:  Modern Hard Rock  Website: Adelitas Way Official Website
L.A. Guns-The Missing Peace   ©2017 Frontiers Records
With the reunion of Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, the chemistry is back in the music. This release to me fits well with the early releases by the band. There is good variety in sounds with some songs being edgier rockers and there also being some good melodic stuff such as 'Christine' and 'The Flood is the Fault of the Rain'. Good stuff!
For Fans of: Hard Rock   Website: L.A. Guns Official Website
Black Water Rising-Electrified  ©2017 Pavement Entertainment
This is a good heavy release with some very thick sounding guitar work. Overall the album has a pretty consistent heavy vibe to it. It closes with a bit more atmospheric sounding song, but this record gets it done in the heavier side of the spectrum. Has a bit of a modern sounding edge to it as well. Easy recommend! 
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Black Water Rising Official Website 
Emil Bulls-Kill Your Demons   ©2017 AFM Records
Emil Bulls will have most appeal to more modern leaning fans. This is a pretty solid record with some great variety mixed in. I had not checked much out by them with the exception of the recent 'XX' which I liked. Some of the earlier stuff was a bit out of my league, but you can feel the growth and wider appeal with this new release. Definitely like this one.
For Fans of: Modern Metal   Website: Emil Bulls Official Website
Every Mother's Nightmare-Grind  ©2017 HighVolMusic
VOne wouldn't know what to expect from some releases in our modern day from bands from earlier rock eras, but this one you can expect a very cool listen. I followed this band with their first two releases and kind of lost track until 'Grind'. I thought this album really delivered and really is an easy pick. 
For Fans of: Hard Rock  Website: Every Mother's Nightmare Official Website
Galactic Cowboys-Long Way Back to the Moon  ©2017 Music Theories
Solid return from a band I spent a lot of time listening to years ago. When I think of this band, other bands such as King's X or Atomic Opera come to mind. It was always a bit different from what was out there, but this band has always been cool and this record is at the top of their standard. Welcome back guys!
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Galactic Cowboys Official Website
Kryptonite-Kryptonite  ©2017 Frontiers Records
A Great melodic record that reunites Jakob Samuel with former The Poodles bandmate Pontus Egberg. In a lot of ways this was very similar to what you hear on a record by The Poodles. Melodic hard rock that is memorable. Other notable musicians such as Michael Palace and Robban Back. Decent new band and record from Frontiers!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock Website Kryptonite on Facebook
November 2017 Edition
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