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Pick of the month for 6 - 2018
Like A Storm-Catacombs
I have revamped the picks section into more of a buyers guide. I figured that I would give a little more exposure to albums that are must haves and are still available as far as I know. If you have questions beyond the descriptions given, email me. Thanks for checking this section out.
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Been some time since the last release and this band has shown some good growth with their latest release 'Catacombs'. I have always been a fan of adding certain elements to a bands sound from their area of the world wherever it may be. The Didgredoo is evident once again and in my opinion enhances quite a bit here. The album as a whole has some good depth and is pretty consistent. I waited with anticipation to get new music from this New Zealand based act and am not disappointed with this latest offering. It does lean a bit more modern and does feature regular vocals mixed with background screams. If that's not your thing, just know that it is a part of the bands sound. Very solid record nonetheless and deserving of the main pick for June!    Also, check out the other great music below!
Reach-The Great Divine   ©2018 Sun Hill Production
The style of this new album is definitely different than the band's previous album which was more melodic hard rock in nature. This album has a much more modern feel and at times an almost Muse like quality. I have gone back to this many times so far this year as it just works for me. Very cool modern hard rock record!
For Fans of: Modern Hard Rock Website: Reach Official Website
Shinedown-Attention Attention   ©2018 Atlantic Records
One thing you know you are going to get from Shinedown is great music with very good energy. They never seem to make the same album twice but still retain their core sound. This record shows further evolving with some pretty catchy and different stuff. Always looking forward to what is coming next from them!
For Fans of:  Modern Hard Rock   Website: Shinedown Official Website
Co-op-Co-op   ©2018 Ellefson Music Productions/SPV
AIf you are a fan of Alice Cooper, this one should be of interest. This band features his son Dash Cooper and does have a guest appearance by the legendary shock rocker. Music is a little more modern sounding, but still very good. Very good dynamics mixed into a good rock sound make this a good listen!
For Fans of:  Hard Rock  Website: Co-op Official Website
Vega-Only Human   ©2018 Frontiers Records
GSomehow, I kept missing this band, release after release. Finally got the opportunity to check out their latest and became an instant fan. Going back to some of their earlier material, you can feel a slight change in sound, but overall it's a very good record once again. Good melody and enough punch to keep it interesting. 
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock   Website:  Vega Official Website
W.E.T.-Earthrage  ©2018 Frontiers Records
Solid third studio record from this supergroup. There is a lot of chemistry in this band. It's one good song after another and really no filler to be found. Definitely one of the years best melodic hard rock releases so far. It sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the year.  
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock  Website: Jeff Scott Soto Official Website 
Perfect Plan-All Rise   ©2018 Frontiers Records
Another solid band out of the Swedish market. One of the stronger areas around the globe for this style of music. In terms of sound, these guys remind me a bit of Foreigner or maybe Giant. I loved the firs video for 'In and Out of Love' with its big chorus and great low end vibe. Found the album to be of good quality throughout. Definitely for fans of melodic hard rock!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock   Website: Perfect Plan Official Website
Gus G.-Fearless   ©2018 AFM Records
Great record from a very good guitarist. The songs and consistently good here and the cover of 'Money For Nothing' was a lot of fun. I liked the updated lyrics on that track. Been enjoying Gus G's material for a bit now and think he brings very good guitar playing to each release as one would expect. Recommended!
For Fans of: Hard Rock  Website: Gus G. Official Website
Null'O'Zero-Instructions to Dominate  ©2018 Rock of Angels Records
Solid power metal style band here that reminds me of a mix of Iced Earth and Ronnie James Dio. It's all relatively heavy in a more traditional way. Sound is obviously thick with good heavy tempo. This record was my introduction to the band and after checking it out, it's easy to recommend!
For Fans of: Metal  Website: Null'O'Zero Official Website
Praying Mantis-Gravity  ©2018 Frontiers Records
The very catchy title track sucked me into this one. I had lost track of these guys for whatever reason, but reinforced my like for them and went back and grabbed other albums that I missed. Very good melodic metal album with a very catchy vibe. Glad the band is still writing at a very high level!
For Fans of: Melodic Hard Rock Website Praying Mantis Official Website
June 2018 Edition
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