Best of 2023
Here we are at the end of 2023 already. Been a very good year from a musical standpoint. As far as everything else, it's been interesting. We cover the music so we'll stay with the topic of just that. Lot's of quality stuff was once again released in all areas of the metal genre. We tend to cover some modern bands as well as thrash, traditional metal, hard rock and quite a bit of the melodic rock genre. That is where are focus will continue to be in the upcoming year. We have good support from some great labels and enjoy bringing you info on what they offer. 

As far as the industry in general some interesting things have been happening. First, compact disc has been re-gaining some lost ground. Seems people aren't digging the whole streaming thing where your stuff can be there one day and gone the next. I have ben sounding off for some time on this very issue. I'm personally tired of seeing everyone make money but the artist. I come from the days where concert tickets were cheap and the artist made a very good living releasing their music. I will always be an advocate for the artist and physical media. Keep an eye on this.

As far as the year ahead. I believe things will continue as they have for the last few years. Good albums and definitely a variety of different sounds within the rock and metal genre. My only concern is with this being an election year stateside, I hope there isn't a bunch of disruption bullshit going on. I want live shows, plenty of music and the world to get along for once. Not too much to ask right? There is also some interesting things going on in the Hi-Res market. Seems that there is some increasing interest in music, both streaming and physical in the Dolby Atmos realm. Devin Townsend has a pretty good video that is worthy of your time where he explains the concept, his setup, etc. Do check it out by clicking here.

This year I am once again doing my best of in 2 different categories. The heavier side of the spectrum including heavier rock, thrash, and metal. Also, Hard rock and stuff that leans more melodic. I am a bit old school in my tastes and while we keep ourselves in these genres, there are other very good sources that cater to the heavier side of today's music, death metal, etc. It's just not my thing for the most part. Keep in mind, I keep it to 10 albums each category. There are plenty of great releases out there and this doesn't mean if I didn't list it, that it isn't worthy of your time. My review section encompasses every review from the day this website launched almost 25 years ago. Maybe it's too much and I might end up shaving it a bit, but I think people still get interested in older stuff that isn't talked about as much anymore. You can check out all of this years releases in the review index. Without further ado, lets name the top 10's...
Metal Top 10
1. Overkill-Scorched
2. Metal Church-Congregation Of Annihilation
3. Prong-State Of Emergency
4. Metallica-72 Seasons
5. Shakra-Invincible
6. Kamelot-The Awakening
7. Elysion-Bring Out Your Dead
8. Smackbound-Hostage
9. In Flames-Foregone
10. Raven-All Hell's Breaking Loose
Hard Rock Top 10
​1. Extreme-Six
2. Alice Cooper-Road
3. Ronnie Atkins-Trinity
4. Winger-Seven
5. Vitalines-Wheels Within Wheels
6. Creye-III: Weightless
7. Kent Hilli-Nothing Left To Lose
8. Heaven's Edge-Get It Right
9. Crowne-Operation Phoenix
10. degreed-Public Address