Demon-Invincible   ©2024 Frontiers Records
​I've always felt that Demon is one of the more underrated NWOBHM bands. 2024 marks the band's 45th anniversary and the best way to celebrate is with a new album chock full of musical goodies. The music is on par with the mid 80's albums and has good production. The vintage sound is delivered with equal parts from the members showing off their chemistry. I really dig once again how the band add some sophistication to the music, but at the same time keep it accessible. The melody is there once again and probably my favorite part is the guitar work. I really love the solos on some of these tracks. You can just feel the confidence as each song plays out. Fans of more classic oriented rock should really like this new record and even if they haven't heard of the band for whatever reason, it's a safe purchase for rockers and classic rockers alike!
Release Date:  May 17, 2024
Babylon A.D.-Rome Wasn't Built In A Day    ©2024 Perris Records 
​Hard to believe that 6 years has already gone by since the release of the band's previous record 'Revelation Highway'.  Well, the band is back at it and have released a gritty hard rocking album. The music has a good vibe overall. Like they have done in the past, including early on, they offer up a bunch of rockers with the occasional more melodic oriented track or two. Some of the songs are downright catchy like the title track or 'White Hot Bullet'. Definite grooves to be found. The melodic side gives us 'I Will Never Break Again', 'Crashed Into The Sun' which has a little rock in it as well, and 'Face Of God'. I think the band have offered up a decent album with 'Rome Wasn't Built In A Day'. It is obviously a modern day rocker that does show things that worked in the past as well. If you have followed the band through the years, you'll probably want this!
Release Date:  May 24, 2024
Anette Olzon-Rapture  ©2024 Frontiers Records
​This new album is Anette Olzon's third solo effort and shows even more evolving in her sound. She has kept busy with a variety of different projects. There are similarities across that spectrum, but this album could be her most intense yet in a variety of different ways. Subject material is pretty intense and it feels like there is a common theme running through the album. We are in interesting times in this world and sometimes it can be channeled into musical form. The tempo throughout the album is definitely heavy with plenty of dynamics in play. You also get some growling vocal work to accompany Olzon's powerful vocal work. Her husband Johan Husgafvel brings that identity in the vocals and the two work off of each other. Magnus Karlsson has a big presence as well. This is a very good album full of different dynamics. Good melody and intensity!
Release Date:  May 10, 2024
Ace Frehley-10,000 Volts   ©2024 MNRK Heavy
​Just as Frehley's former band calls it a day, he puts out a very good record that in ways reminds me of the early solo albums and Frehley's Comet. Not that it is exactly the same thing, but there are definitely things going on here that will take you back to those earlier days. I was a pretty big fan of that early era including getting to see him live. The music is fairly infectious on this record and his vocals and guitar work both sound really good. It's nice to see Ace tap into his creativity once again and this album definitely had a buzz going on about it as each single was released. I do believe this album has been selling fairly well. Ace doesn't try to reinvent anything on this record. He just takes the things he does well and runs with it. Most of this album was catchy and memorable and there is some melodic stuff added into the mix. Great Ace record with a retro feel!
Release Date: February 23, 2024
BlitZ-Kicking Up A Storm   ©2024 Shock Records/Vanity Music Group
​New to me, but firmly on my radar now. BlitZ is based in the UK and plays a fairly basic and raw style of hard rock that at times leans towards an AC/DC sound. I think the fun I had with this album was catching all of the small things in the music. At the core it's hard rock, but the added layers or elements actually make it bigger than just that. I'll give you an example. 'Shell Shocked' sounds fairly straight forward until you really listen to that added layer in the background. Adds depth to a regular rock song which was a really cool effect.  I also really liked what they did on the track 'Moving On'.  Another rocker that benefits from a short blast of funk in the middle. The little things make this album fun to listen to, especially on headphones with a wide soundstage. Don't miss the melody either. 'I'll Find You in Yesterday' is an amazing ballad. Love this record!
Release Date:  April 26, 2024