Static-X-Project Regeneration Vol. 2   ©2024 Otsego Music 
​Just released is the second platter of goodies that feature final vocal performances and compositions from Wayne Static. I enjoyed the first volume and was able to spend a little time with this one in the last couple of days. I equally enjoy this album as well. You will hear some familiar samples from throughout the band's career in the music on this album. The music is on par and does feature the rest of the 'Wisconsin Death Trip' lineup and the help of Xer0 once again. Songs are heavy as expected with that catchy element the band incorporated into a lot of their catalog. I am personally glad that I am able to still buy product from the band. They are one of my more favorite modern bands and although Wayne is still definitely missed, it's great to have the other members channeling music again. If you liked Static-X, definitely grab this one!
Release Date:  January 26, 2024
Jack Russell/Tracii Guns-Medusa    ©2024 Frontiers Records 
​One thing Frontiers has been known for for some time now is the collaborations. They have plenty of different bands on the roster and they will set up collaborations with members from various bands. This time it's Jack Russell, formerly of Great White and now Jack Russell's Great White, and Tracii Guns best known as the guitarist of L.A. Guns. I thought this was a great collaboration. The music is catchy and memorable and Jack sounds great.  Tracii always brings his 'A' game and this album is no exception. There is a good melodic presence throughout, but with good edge to it as well. I think fans of these two are probably going to like this quite a bit. I would have never guessed that this was coming, but I think it works extremely well. It was definitely a physical purchase for me and an easy recommend for everyone else!
Release Date:  January 19, 2024
Metalite-Expedition One  ©2024 AFM Records
​Out now is the latest record from Swedish rockers Metalite. We've talked about them in previous album reviews and quite like the band. The female fronted band has some similarities to other bands like Amaranthe, but is more mainstream rock oriented in my opinion. The music is what you would expect from the band with this latest album. Good memorable stuff with very good performances from the band overall. The band do showcase some synth throughout and maintain that heavy edge that was found on previous albums. The intensity throughout is fairly uniform and consistent. You do have a slow down here and there. One of the more melodic tunes That I dig is 'In My Dreams'. The vocals from Erica Ohlsson really are top notch. Excellent song as is the album as a whole. If you like a more mainstream modern rock sound, this band is perfect!
Release Date:  January 26, 2024
Saxon-Hell, Fire And Damnation   ©2024  Silver Lining Music
​It is crazy how some of these bands just don't slow down in terms of production and product quality. Saxon has now released their 24th studio release titled 'Hell, Fire And Damnation' and its definitely a rocker. I wouldn't classify it as the band's heaviest to date, but does pack enough punch to have a familiar feel like some of the 80's or early 90's offerings. To me, the band sounds great. They haven't fallen off as some do as time marches on. It's a Saxon record with the Saxon trademarks all over it. As far as I can tell, it has been doing fairly well as far as sales and interest in it. Amazon has it listed as a #1 New release and apparently over on their side of the pond, it may end up being their highest charting album to date. I'm happy for the guys. I have followed them from almost the beginning and they deserve the success as this is a good classic sounding record!
Release Date: January 19, 2024
Dymytry-Five Angry Men   ©2024 AFM Records
​Back for another round of modern metal goodness is Czech based Dymytry. After the English release of Revolt back in 2022, it was obvious that this band was going to be widening it's borders when it comes to fanbase. The band have been releasing for quite some time and have supported on some pretty good tour packages. Now seems like a great time to take it to an even higher level. 'Five Angry Man' delivers the goods needed to do just that. Singles from this new record have been trickling out for the last few months and continue to show the consistency in the bands style and approach.  At times, they remind me a little of Five Finger Death Punch. Would probably be a good bill. The band also delve into subjects that tend to be interesting whether based on history or current events. Plenty of energy and intensity along with great performances!
Release Date:  January 26, 2024