Prong-State Of Emergency   ©2023 SPV/Steamhammer Records
​Prong just released an excellent new album full of good heavy stuff.  As I made my way through this album I felt like some of it was similar to the early albums. Some thrash oriented stuff bearing the Prong trademark sound. You could almost make the case that there are songs that sound similar to quite a bit of what Prong has done through their career. Nonetheless, it's a solid album that to me ranks well with my love of the band's earlier material. Tommy Victor usually has something to say subject-wise as well and I don't believe this album is any different. This is why I love physical media. I can sit down with the record and really digest more than just the music as the artist usually puts more into it than just that. Prong has always been this type of band to me. 'State of Emergency' is landing as one of my favorite Prong albums. Kudos to them for keeping it real!
Release Date:  October 6, 2023
Ronnie Atkins-Trinity    ©2023 Frontiers Records 
​Ronnie Atkins has kept himself very busy in the last few years. His diagnosis of lung cancer only strengthened his resolve when it came to writing and releasing his music. You really have to give him kudos. He has decided to embrace doing the things he loves best and giving his fans as much music as time will allow. 'Trinity' is probably my current favorite of his solo records. Two reasons in particular for that. First, the songs are very strong in my opinion. Second, this album sounds very close to the Pretty Maids stuff. I felt it was a bit heavier and had some really good depth to it. I would love to see more Pretty Maids material and Atkins working with the band if that is possible, but for now, this hits the mark in a big way. You will get my point in a hurry by listening to the beginning of the album and as it flows. Great melodic stuff as well. Very complete album! 
Release Date:  October 13, 2023
Nitrate-Feel The Heat  ©2023 Frontiers Records
​What a solid album. I honestly hadn't really dug into Nitrate much, but upon listening to this release, I immediately recognized Alexander Strandell from Art Nation which gets my attention in check. The music is melodic hard rock and really had me feeling that it was reminiscent of the mid to late 80's in sound. Songs are all very catchy and memorable and written well in my opinion. This was an album that I had to have a physical copy of. Strandell, as far as I can tell has been the vocalist for 2 of the 4 albums the band has released. Bassist Nick Hogg is the mastermind of the band and it looks like they have been releasing since 2016. Now with the Frontiers Records label, they fit in with the that artist roster in my opinion. There are similar bands that release via Frontiers and fans keep an eye on the label for that reason. Definitely highly recommended!
Release Date:  October 13, 2023
Red-Rated R   ©2023 Red Entertainment
​I had no idea this album was even on it's way until about 10 days before. I am a big fan of Red and usually keep a better lookout on when they will be releasing or what kind of activity is going on in the band as far as writing, touring, etc. I stumbled into the video of 'Surrogates' on YouTube and felt that this would probably be another clear winner of an album. It definitely is. It's the heavier side of Red. Good heavy guitar work, pounding tempo, but at the same time, that melody that they are known for permeates the songs once again. Good atmosphere throughout and the band just sounds very confident. The album consists of 10 tracks and clocks in around 33 minutes in length. You could say it is a bit short in length, but it's all quality in my opinion. They deliver a good solid in your face listen with the usual Red polish in sound. Excellent as always!
Release Date: September 29, 2023
Electric Boys-Grand Explosivos   ©2023 Mighty Music
​These guys have been busy. I honestly hadn't followed them that closely until recent years. I was a really huge fan of the 'Funk -O- Metal Carpet Ride' album. I followed them through the 'Freewheelin' album from around 1994, but then lost track. The more recent releases to me are good and are what you might expect from the band. While the funk element exists, I feel it was a bit more obvious early on when the funk metal scene was thriving a bit. This newer music still retains the funk sound but also a raw edge to the mix. Catchy stuff for sure, but not in the 'All Lips N' Hips' way. This album to me is also a grower. When I mention grower, what I mean is they are the albums that hit a bit slower. It takes a few listens before they gel with me. This one is like that. It doesn't mean avoid by any means. Stick with it and you will be rewarded in my honest option!
Release Date:  September 15, 2023