Archon Angel-II   ©2023 Frontiers Records
​Another great outing from Archon Angel that features Zak Stevens who fronted Savatage and Circle II Circle. Archon Angel in terms of sound and intensity is similar in ways to some of the stuff he did with Savatage, but also a bit different. Obviously, the vocals are where the familiarity is going to come in.  Aldo Lonobile adds to the chemistry of the music and really is a big part of it. Fans of Secret Sphere will definitely be familiar with him. The music could be categorized as power metal with some progressive elements. Overall, I think if you were a fan of the first Archon Angel, this album will be an easy sell. Equally, if you are a fan of the stuff Secret Sphere does, you'll also more than likely be interested. Stay tuned for some possible new Savatage down the road a bit as I hear that Zak Stevens might be involved again. Another solid record!
Release Date:  April 14, 2023
Kilonova-Moment Of Clarity    ©2023  Kilonova Music 
​Been listening to the thrash metal genre quite a bit lately. Saw that Kilonova was thrash in nature and became instantly interested. This is a very energetic female fronted thrash band. The album is an e.p. with five tracks and the band's sound has a bit of a more modern thrash feel to it. Yeah, you could make the case of the traditional thrash sounds as they are evident as well. Some of the differences are related to the vocal work. You have traditional female vocal work, but also some screams which tend to give the more modern feel to it. The band are very tight and the music is no holds barred type of stuff. Good thrash riffing with a frenzied fast low end. The songs are also quite even in terms of feel and quality. If you are looking for heavy stuff, this album will feel the need. It's nice to have the thrash genre still being represented and even evolving!
Release Date:  May 5, 2023
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall-Hunt The Flame  ©2023 Frontiers Records
​As I made my way through this album, I felt it was majestic sounding in a lot of ways. Karlsson is such an amazing musician and songwriter. So much so that he brings some of today's best vocalists to join him in another amazing album. The music has a bit of a symphonic feel in my opinion and is quite polished. Karlsson really has some beautiful sounding guitar work. The feel of the music is fairly uniform and the vocalists put their stamp on it with the vocal sound. It's a very good musical journey which really is no surprise considering the musicians involved. It's really hard to single out favorite tracks as the album as a whole is so good and consistent. Just for informational purposes, this is the fourth installment of his Free Fall project. The album comes as an easy recommend and is of the highest quality with memorable songs!
Release Date:  April 14, 2023
Smackbound-Hostage   ©2023 Frontiers Records
​I remember hearing the band's previous effort for Frontiers titled '20/20' and becoming a big fan of this female fronted heavy rock band. This new album has some of the same elements as '20/20' did. A bit of a modern sound that at times gets a bit bombastic. I believe this new album also shows the band evolving and adding to their sound. There are definite tracks that are similar with 'Hold The Fire' & "Razor Sharp' both feeling like they could have been on '20/20'. As mentioned, the evolving part. Take a listen to the epic closing track 'The Edge' and you'll hear the added depth and atmosphere this album offers. 'Imperfect Day' is another of that type of track. The album really does impress and I believe the band has gotten even better. This album has the band as a whole firing on all cylinders. Great musicianship, vocals, and songs in general. Excellent!
Release Date:  April 21, 2023
Revolution Saints-Eagle Flight   ©2023 Frontiers Records
​There has been some changes in Revolution Saints. Deen Castronovo still is the core member, but is joined on the new album by Joel Hoekstra on guitars and Jeff Pilson on Bass. It's a new beginning of sorts. The music is as expected if you are familiar with the first three Revolution Saints albums. Great melodic hard rock with songs ranging from mid tempo rockers to the more ballad stylings the band has also done in the past. A few different musicians, but the same quality I've come to expect. Songs are very likable and have an infectious nature to them. The musicianship also has that same degree of sophistication fans have enjoyed previously. That's not to say that anything here is over complicated either. It's actually quite accessible. Most of the album sounds very radio accessible to one degree or another. Basically, another homerun for the band!
Release Date:  April 21, 2023