About Us-About Us   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​The more I listened to this hard rock band from India, the more I liked it. There is quite a bit of variety to be had with this self titled release. The album starts out quite melodic with some great sounding AOR styled music with the track 'Right Now'. The music has a bit more edge to it as the listen goes on. The melodic nature stays throughout. The album does offer up some heavier stuff as well with tunes like 'Rock On Top', 'Golden Troops', and 'Rise' with the latter being my favorite of the album. The more melodic of the 3 but has a good heavy vibe in areas. The album closes very melodic with 'Open Your Heart' which is another excellent song that has memorable qualities to it. 'Love And Affection' is a bonus track that hangs in a mid tempo feel and fits the rest of the album well.  Another good find by Frontiers. Excellent melodic hard rock to finish 2022!
Release Date:  November 11, 2022
Disturbed-Divisive    ©2022 Reprise Records 
​I knew it had to be getting close to time for a new Disturbed record. 'Evolution' dropped in 2018 and with all of the recent bullshit in the world, you knew Disturbed would probably have something to say. Well, they definitely do both in terms of subject material and music. The new album has a very cool heavy groove to it that you have heard before, but it is always a welcome sound to my ears. The album for the most part has a heavy sound with Draiman's cool unique vocal work hitting the strides once again. As even as the music is, you knew there would be a more melodic tune as that has been the case with the band. Heart vocalist Ann Wilson joins David for a very good duet on the track 'Don't Tell Me'. The two compliment each other nicely. What more can you say. Another great Disturbed record with a very cool vibe throughout. Recommended!
Release Date:  November 18, 2022
Ronnie Atkins-Symphomaniac  ©2022 Frontiers Records
Ronnie Atkins offers up another EP, this time with full orchestration. The songs were from the 'Make It Count' album and are all good choices as each song has a very melodic side to it and the orchestration added to these tunes adds further depth. The bands on the scene that utilize this combination with heavy music always confused me. To me it never sounds right with only few exceptions. Songs like the 4 included on this EP fuse very well with the orchestration. The atmosphere of each track is taken to the next level. Ronnie Atkins is a gem in the music industry. He has kept very busy offering music to the fans and with all that he has been through in recent years, you can tell he is pouring his creative heart out. You've heard these 4 songs before in their original form, but not like this. Definitely worth picking up!
Release Date:  November 18, 2022
Kill Ritual-Kill Star Black Mark Dead Hand Pierced Heart   ©2022 Massacre Records
​I hadn't checked out Kill Ritual in a bit. We reviewed their 'The Eyes Of Medusa' album from 2014 and the band has been productive in the time since. I went back and spent some time with that album to refresh my memory and felt that the band with their latest release have kept that same heavy and gritty sound. The band have changed singers since that time and in ways I think current vocalist Chalice Blood fits the band's sound very well. I kept trying to figure out who they reminded me a little of and Metal Church came to mind. Basically same intensity and vocally, similar as well. The band once again packs some great energy and have put together a pretty decent album. The music is pretty even from start to finish and songs are written well. If you like your metal towards the heavier side with more traditional elements, this is a good choice.
Release Date:  November 18, 2022
Rising Steel-Beyond The Gates Of Hell   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​Somehow I missed this band. They have been releasing music since 2014 with their 'Warlord' EP and they like to write their metal music in a fairly traditional NWOBHM sound. As I went through this album I actually felt that the music on it leaned towards a similar sound as some of the mid to late 80's power metal bands like Obsession and maybe even Malice. Those were two bands I spent a boatload of time listening to, so I was immediately happy hearing a record in 2022 that reminded me of my younger years. The riffs on this record are absolutely addictive. Guitar really drives this record. As good as this record starts out, it really turns the burners halfway through. 'Run For Your Life' really elevates the intensity and the rest of album really shines. 'We Are Free' closes the album with some depth in areas. The album as a whole is an awesome listen!
Release Date:  November 18, 2022