Cleanbreak-Coming Home   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​Cleanbreak is a new Metal project featuring James Durbin who has released music with Quiet Riot as well as Durbin. Joining him on this record is Mike Flyntz from Riot V and the rhythm section of Stryper with Perry Richardson and Robert Sweet. The musical style of this album can be categorized as a more traditional metal sound. The songs are tight with excellent vocal work and musicianship. Flyntz really brings it with his guitar contributions. Good thick heavy sound with some great solo work. The album as a whole should be very enticing to metal fans and rock fans alike. There is enough melody here to create that type of appeal. Durbin has really been making his mark on the metal scene in the last few years and Cleanbreak ends up being another worthy addition to not only his resume', but the Frontiers catalog. Tight record!
Release Date:  July 8, 2022
Journey-Freedom    ©2022  Freedom JN, LLC 
​It's been quite some time since Journey has released a studio album. This album is excellent and really offers a reward for the long wait. 15 tracks total on this new album and you really could make a case that some of this is similar to some of the band's best eras and work. The songs I thought were strong. Some decent mid tempo rockers as well as those essential more ballad oriented tunes. There always seems to be somewhat of a split in the fanbase mainly due to who is fronting the band. If you go in and just enjoy the record and quit worrying about that type of stuff, you will probably come out with a pretty decent musical experience.  There is some stuff that sounds fairly vintage here. While the band did experiment a little on previous records, this one feels a bit more cohesive. Who knows if there will be another record after this. Dig in and have a ball with this one!
Release Date:  July 8, 2022
Sick N' Beautiful-Starstruck  ©2022 Frontiers Records
​This is another band that leans heavily to the more modern side of what Frontiers Records offers.  It is definitely a more modern sounding record with industrial elements in it.  I was a big fan of industrial back when that scene was breaking out. This band has some of those cool sounds in this record. The band is also female fronted and tend to keep their music interesting and fresh. This album may not have the appeal to the fans of the more classic or traditional forms of heavy rock that the label is known for, but if given a chance, you may actually dig this record. The goods are here. There are some videos you can check out just to get a taste for the band's style. The response to me looks pretty positive. There is also a bit of an electronic feel here and there as well. Overall, I found it to be fun and a band that is worth watching in the future. Great modern stuff!
Release Date:  July 15, 2022
Alan Parsons-From The New World   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​Alan has been pretty busy in the last few years. There has been new studio material as well as some live stuff that really digs into the Alan Parsons Project catalog which I am a big fan of. This record is fairly light in nature and has some good guests. David Pack from Ambrosia, Tommy Shaw from Styx, as well as James Durbin offer some cool vocal work with Parsons. The songs definitely have a Alan Parsons solo feel although as you enter the last few tracks, you could make the case for the sound of the Alan Parsons Project to a point. I think this is a pretty decent effort.  Maybe a bit stronger than 'The Secret' in ways. Parsons is a really creative musician with a lot to offer even today. With the songs and the guests on this record, it's a good musical journey that should have his fans feeling good about the album. It also grows with each listen so stick with it!
Release Date:  July 15, 2022
Palace-One 4 The Road   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​Michael Palace has released another great record through Frontiers Records. If you are not familiar, he is a talented musician that works with a lot of different bands as well as Palace. On this record, he handles everything. A true solo effort. Listening to the songs gives the listener a good listening experience. The tempo is typically upbeat with plenty of melody throughout. Most of the songs fall into a mid tempo area where nothing gets overly heavy or too flashy. With Palace, it's all about the songs. Really, it always is, but never discount this guys ability to showcase his amazing musicianship in plenty of different areas. One thing I'll mention as well is that I typically like to get physical copies of some of the albums I like the most. Palace is one of the bands I typically always get on physical media. Yes, it's that good! Easy recommend! 
Release Date:  July 15, 2022