Jeff Scott Soto-Complicated   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​'Complicated' is Jeff Scott Soto's eight studio album.  The music as always is a melodic hard rock style and in ways can be compared to some of the stuff he has done with W.E.T. and some of the other bands he has been associated with. Always full of melody and flash and overall, just great songwriting. Jeff has been a favorite vocalist of mine since his earlier days when I discovered him in the band Eyes. That basic formula has been there and built him a pretty successful career in the music business. This latest album is full of new material and and offers the listener a great musical journey.  The track 'Until I see You Again' is an amazing melodic listen full of emotion. Definitely ranks up there with some of his best when it comes to ballad type songs. Definitely another great album from one of rock's best vocalists. Easy recommend!
Release Date:  May 6, 2022
Sandness-Play Your Part    ©2022 Rockshots Records 
​'Play Your Part' is the 4th album from the Italian classic hard rock band Sandness. We've checked them out in the past and liked the band enough to keep them on our radar. This latest album has a good track selection with plenty of mid tempo rockers and some more melodic stuff as well. There is also a bonus track covering Kiss' 'Turn On The Night' which appeared on the 'Crazy Nights' album. If you were to try to define the bands sound, I would definitely say that it is fairly simple in it's approach but effective nonetheless. If I was to try to compare it to 80's acts, I feel it would lean closer to somebody like the Electric Angels more than the typical hair metal type stuff. The band does a good job of catching the nostalgia of that era from decades ago and offer up plenty of decent music with this latest album. We'll continue to listen and recommend them!
Release Date:  May 20, 2022
Jani Liimatainen-My Father's Son  ©2022 Frontiers Records
​In more recent years, fans of Jani Liimatainen will remember his work with Anette Olzon and The Dark Element.  To me, this solo album is equally impressive. There is a plethora of great vocalists including an appearance by Olzon on this record. There is also a lot of variety to be had. Some heavy stuff here and more atmospheric content there. This really is the strength of the album. It shows the many sides to Jani's musical influences and abilities as well. Each song has its own personality that is further enhanced by the vocalist who helps deliver it.  I feel that Jani has really cemented his place in the rock and metal community as a talented artist and a go to guy when it comes to adding his chemistry to the music. If you like rock that leans to the heavier side, but isn't afraid to push a few limits, this one is very enjoyable!
Release Date:  May 6, 2022
Kissin' Dynamite-Not The End Of The Road   ©2022 Napalm Records
​Took me awhile to get my hands on this album.  The wait was worth it. I have been following the band for some time now and it has been fun to watch them grow and their sound evolve. This latest record is a complete listen. I found nothing that seemed like filler material. Everything here was fun to listen to and songs are definitely memorable right from the start. If you have listened to the band and their music before, you'll know their style and basic sound. The music is very radio friendly and quite honestly has a very confident feel to it. The band have released a few videos from the record, so definitely search these out. If you try to get this and run into supply issues of any kind. Stick with it and wait the time needed. Hopefully things get back on track and it becomes a bit easier to get some of these albums. Excellent material and worth your time.
Release Date:  February 25, 2022
Starchaser-Starchaser   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​Debut album from this band out of Sweden that features former Tad Morose guitarist Kenneth Jonsson. This is a pretty solid melodic metal band that has offered up a really good album. Music has a good thick sound to it with a decent amount of atmosphere and memorability. This album originally started out as a solo album, but was expanded in time to a band record. The chemistry seems to be really good within the band and the songwriting.  Some of these songs have a bit of a power metal feel to them. You get some good pound and the layers of musicianship are really cool. Intensity and finesse all rolled into one package. While there are plenty of heavier sounding songs, there are some really solid melodic tunes as well. 'I'll Find A Way' and the albums closing track 'The Nightingale Paradox' are really smooth with the latter feeling cinematic. Great album!
Release Date:  May 6, 2022