FM-Thirteen   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​FM are back with their thirteenth album title 'Thirteen'.  If you have been following the band, especially in the last decade and a half or so, you'll know that they are a really good melodic hard rock band that stays pretty busy between releasing and touring. The music of this new album is typical of what the band usually release. Melodic sounds with a bit of an edge.  The album has a very good vibe to it which is usually the case. The band don't try to reinvent themselves, instead they prefer to do it their way. The album contains 11 tracks total and I can say that the journey through it is an enjoyable one. Great vocal work, tight musicianship and radio friendly music make this one a must have for fans of the genre. The year has been a busy one with so many bands releasing new music. So much to buy. Is this one worth the purchase? Absolutely!
Release Date:  March 18, 2022
Find Me-Lightning In A Bottle    ©2022 Frontiers Records 
​One of my favorite collaborations from the Frontiers Records label is back with another great melodic hard rock album. Blanc Faces' vocalist Robbie LaBlanc and The Murder of My Sweet's Daniel Flores have a very good chemistry and the collaboration works very well. This new album has 11 tracks including a cover of Frank Stallone's 'Far From Over'. The dynamics of this album are really good. I tend to migrate to the lighter side of this band usually although all of it is really good. This album, I was all over the more energetic sounding music . Everything here has a very melodic element to it as one would expect, but their is a fair amount of punch to some of it as well.  Overall, a very confident sounding release with great performances by everyone including Michael Palace who guests. Excellent release as expected!
Release Date:  March 11, 2022
Stabbing Westward-Chasing Ghosts  ©2022  COP International
​Does one look at this band as modern sounding rock these days. They have actually been in existence for a long time now. 'Chasing Ghosts' is the band's first full length release since 2001's self titled album. What this band is in style is more industrial oriented. I consider them to be much more than that as this record exemplifies. There is some decent depth to these new songs. It's a good balance and is really one of the best written and performed albums they have done in my opinion. The band did release an ep last year with the first single 'I Am Nothing' and a couple of remixes of that song along with a remake of 'Slipping Away' which is a favorite track of mine from 1996. I think the band have returned in ways to their earlier sound and have expanded on that. The album is an amazing listen start to finish. Easy recommend in my opinion.
Release Date:  March 18, 2022
Ronnie Atkins-Make It Count   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​I really admire Ronnie Atkins. He has been through a lot in the past few years and instead of just going quiet while he works things out, he stays even busier getting his brand of music to the fans. This latest solo release contains some great melodic hard rockers that sound like the lighter side of Pretty Maids for obvious reasons. I have been a big fan of Atkins since the mid 80's and he has been a go to for me with Pretty Maids, Nordic Union and his solo stuff. If you are even remotely familiar with his style, you will know what to expect here. Great quality and well thought out music with meaning. He has a lot to share with us, the fans. I personally appreciate his contribution to the genre from the early days until now. This is another worthy hard rock effort with some good upbeat sounding tunes.  Good depth in places as well! Excellent record!
Release Date:  March 18, 2022
Radioactive-X.X.X.   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​To me, this is one of the sleeper records of the year so far. If you are familiar with Tommy Denander you'll know about Radioactive. If you are not familiar, you are in for a real treat.  The songs are a lot of fun and the guests really help make this album. There is even an appearance in the songwriting department by legendary producer Mutt Lange. Two songs were co-written by Lange. Some of the guests include Robin McAuley, Robbie LaBlanc, and Clif Magness as well as others. I love some of the sounds here as well. Some of the music reminded me a bit of vintage Def Leppard. There was also a track reminiscent of Van Halen as well as a touch of AC/DC. There is a lot of fun to be had here on this record. This is the fifth Radioactive album to date and follows the formula set forth by the band. Definitely do not miss this one, it's well worth your time!
Release Date:  March 11, 2022