Girish And The Chronicles-Hail To The Heroes   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​'Hail To The Heroes' is the band's third album following 2020's 'Rock The Highway'. This new album is my debut with the band and has a lot of great music on it. The album opens with the rocker 'Primeval Desire' which in ways had me thinking back to the earlier days of Def Leppard. Similar riffing in my opinion. The band feel comfortable in an 80's sound that really runs the gamut from the early to late 80's, maybe even into the early 90's. The songs are fairly flashy and the band deliver a tight sound with many catchy hooks. I believe that this release should put the band on everyone's radar. For those unaware, the band hail from India, but you would never guess that with their sound as it sounds so similar to many big acts of the 80's. Lot's of flash make this album a lot of fun to listen to. Another strong way to get 2022 started. Excellent release!
Release Date:  February 11, 2022
Dymytry-Revolt    ©2022 AFM Records 
​I wasn't familiar with Dymutry before their new album 'Revolt', but thanks to AFM Records, here we are checking out a pretty cool album. The music is a bit more modern oriented and at times had me feeling there were some similarities to bands like Five Finger Death Punch. Not totally, but here and there where it kept coming into my mind while listening.  The music is memorable and has a catchy nature to it. The band apparently work with two different frontmen. Protheus works with the band in the Czech Republic and new frontman Alen Ljubic handles the duties from an international standpoint and also brings English vocals to the band's sound.  The band do have a decent amount of melody in their music which makes the album fairly accessible to a wide range of metal fans. New to me, but have made me a fan. Love their sound!
Release Date:  February 18, 2022
Nasson-Scars  ©2022 Frontiers Records
​For those familiar with a few other Frontiers Records releases including the Sinner's Blood album 'The Mirror Star' and Chaos Magic, you may already be familiar with Chilean musician and vocalist Nasson. This release really showcases his talents in many different ways. He handles most of the musicianship and does have some good guests to help out. The music has a definite edge to it, but also has a very melodic element to it as well. The mix sounds really good to my ears. The scene has been growing from that part of the world with many talented artists getting much better exposure. I think Nasson is going to be a force in many different ways including his ability to produce. With such a good record I hope that he does spent a decent amount of his time offering those talents to the fans as this record is an excellent listen start to finish!
Release Date:  January 28, 2022
Lalu-Paint The Sky   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​And now for something a bit different. Lalu is a French progressive rock band that has just released one of my favorite albums of the genre. As I was listening to this it felt familiar. I was trying to figure out who they reminded me of. Saga is who came to mind, but there are also times I was thinking Kansas and maybe even some of the more mainstream commercial Rush music. While this album is progressive, it does have a fairly unique and disciplined feel to it. You get the feeling that the musicianship is stellar, but balance really comes into play here. The songs are the albums best attribute. This truly is an entertaining listen in ways that lots of earlier progressive albums were back in the day. The clarity and rich sound this band deliver make this album a winner for sure. The album is a pleasure to come back to time and time again. Great stuff! 
Release Date:  January 21, 2022
Degreed-Are You Ready   ©2022 Frontiers Records
​Degreed is a band that I discovered a few albums ago and became a solid favorite of mine ever since. It was their melodic nature that caught my ears and had me coming back for more. This latest album has some really good edge to it.  That melodic sound is still very evident obviously, but this album also rocks the hell out in places as well. The band is definitely a melodic hard rock band for those unaware to this point, and if you are unaware still, you need to get on board. The sound of this record is obviously 80's rock influenced and reminds me a bit of Eclipse in places. The one thing I wish they would have added to an already great batch of songs was the pandemic themed track 'The World We Knew' which was excellent and thought provoking. You can still catch that via YouTube. As far as 'Are You Ready', another excellent chapter for Degreed! Recommendeed!
Release Date:  February 11, 2022