Freight Train Jane-Hallucination
             © 1994 New Century Media
© 2001 Rewind Records
I was pretty stoked to hear that Jaime St. James had resurfaced with another project back in 1994. The timing was probably not that great with the scene catering to flunky musicians. Freight Train Jane was probably the best thing to come out of 1994. Four great musicians and some pretty damn solid rock 'n roll. Actually, this version of the album was released in Japan so it's no surprise that it was more straight forward hard rock that the U.S. was missing out on.

1. Get used to it-Sounds like 'In Heat' era Black 'n Blue. Cool sounding multi-level vocals.
2. Hallucination-More great straight forward mid tempo rock.
3. American Fame-More dark and moody, but unmistakeably Jaime. Slower, but heavy tempo.
4. Buy a gun-Attitude a plenty. One of my favorites. Love the vocal parts on this one. In your face rocker.
5. Bye Bye Love-Good uptempo track with great sounding harmonies and choruses.
6. You-Another favorite. Vocals are extremely cool and the guitar rhythms are very catchy. Love the slammin' ending.
7. Voodoo-Here is the favorite. Everything is equally catchy. Instantly memorable sing-a-long track.
8. No More-This one is cool, but very different very Jaime St. James. A bit on the serious side.
9. Welcome to my love-Rockin' tune that is more 90's oriented. Okay, maybe early 90's oriented. This one packs a punch in the chorus and is pretty solid.
10. Lean mean women machine-Great finish to the album. Rockin' tune with catchy choruses again.

Okay, here is where it's at.  This album is where I think Black 'n Blue would have been in 1994. Thre is a lot of stuff that is reminiscent of the Black 'n Blue era. This band however is Freight Train Jane and they do have differences which give them their own identity. If you are looking for great rock 'n roll, this is exactly your ticket. I understand that Jaime St. James is reissuing this title thru his site at Get over there and get this one.
Is it me or has Rewind Records been doing some very good reissue work recently. We have been given Kick Axe-Vices and then Kick Axe-Welcome to the club and now LeMans. Not only are the titles great, but the label has given us some excellent remasters. That is one of the more important things to me. Sound that competes with today's standards. LeMans featured some great talent with names like Derek Frigo and Peter Marrino. This band put out some great music and this album is one of them.

1. Love Lies-Good opening track. Very reminiscent of Journey. Good melodic song.
2. Don't wanna work-Upbeat number. Very classic 80's era sound. Touch of Sax in this one.
3. Love is a waste of time-Rich sound with keybaords enhancing the guitar work. Mid-tempo again.
4. Never wanna see you cry-Very good ballad style track. Great melodic choruses.
5. Addicted-Heaviest track so far. Peter really shows a vicious side to his voice. I like it.
6. Chain around your heart-Straight forward melodic rocker. Consistent with the album so far.
7. Bad Reputation-Another rocker consistent with most of the tracks. Very cool guitar solo.
8. Life of rock 'n roll-Rocking track that almost sounds like heavier Loverboy. Good stuff.
9. Misunderstanding-Good ballad. Kind of reminds me of 80's Fortune. Very melodic with good chorus.
10. Sex, Guitars, Rock 'n Roll-Live track that really showcases the heavy side of the band. Peter belts it out once again.

This is another dynamite reissue from Rewind Records. 80's rock at it's best. There seemed to be a bit of a buzz for this release and now it is yours for the taking. Definitely check this one out. Rewind delivers some of the best reissues.