The Dead Daisies-Holy Ground   ©2021 The Dead Daisies
​The latest album from The Dead Daisies features veteran vocalist and legend Glenn Hughes. There are obvious differences between Hughes' vocals and John Corabi's, so you had to wonder how well it would work. I am happy to report that the results are amazing. The band still retains a gritty sound and the smooth vocal work on each track makes everything sound really good. Songs are really good as they have been in the past. The title track was the first I heard prior to release. The video became a quick favorite of mine. The music is consistent in terms of sound with their being a heavy vibe to it. There is some magic between the members of this band. Everything sounds great and the album feels cohesive. If you go into this one concerned with the absence of Corabi, don't be. This is another great album worth recommending!
Release Date:  January 22, 2021
W.E.T.-Retransmission    ©2021 Frontiers Records 
​W.E.T. set their own personal bar very high with their debut album. With each subsequent release, they have continued to give us the quality we've come to expect. 'Retransmission' has those cool grooves and a ton of melody in the mix that other albums have shown.  Basically, the writing from album to album is very consistent which makes it easy to know what to expect. For me, this band's releases are must haves. Some of my favorite tracks this go around include the opener 'Big Boys Don't Cry', 'Got To Be About Love', 'How Far To Babylon', and 'You Better Believe It'. The music is upbeat and makes you feel great listening to it. This isn't about reinventing the wheel. W.E.T. write in a certain formula and the results are always good. This album is no exception. I look forward to my purchase every time knowing the quality will be superb!
Release Date:  January 22, 2021
Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra-Songs for the Apocalypse  ©2021 Frontiers Records
​One thing you can always be sure of when it comes to Jason Bieler and his music is that it is going to be unique and really creative. 'Songs For The Apocalypse' is a pretty interesting collection of songs and ideas. At times you can feel a little of his Saigon Kick days, but in other ways this is a different experience. The familiarity of his vocals is the obvious element in the music. The music has a pretty visual feel to it. Some good atmosphere and depth keep the listener interested. You won't get a mainstream experience from this album, but more of a musical journey of sorts. It's hard to nail the style into one category. There are heavier sounds, but other sounds as well. Overall, it's Jason's magic. Anyone that is familiar with him knows what that means. It's a fun and fulfilling experience. It's great to have Bieler still performing as he has a lot to offer creatively!
Release Date:  January 22, 2021
Phantom Elite-Titanium   ©2021 Frontiers Records
​Phantom Elite is a female fronted metal act that features Marina La Torraca who fans of Exit Eden will also be familiar with. I hadn't caught up with this band until this new album. The song that grabbed my attention on YouTube was 'Glass Crown'. I was hooked after that experience. the sound is a bit more modern with some thick sounding riffs and some explosive leads and rhythm work. Most of the songs have a pretty full bodied sound to them and there is some good melody fused into each track. I liked the rich atmosphere in some of these songs as well. This album is also what I call a grower. The more you listen, the more it grows. I was glad that I took the opportunity to check this album out. It offers a lot to the listener and the band have a great delivery with each track. For those who like the heavier side of Frontiers artists, this one's for you!
Release Date:  January 22, 2021
Accept-Too Mean To Die   ©2021 Nuclear Blast Records
​Here is a band that needs absolutely no introduction. I classify Accept as one of the most metallic and purest forms of metal there is. I spent a lot of time in my high school years with this band. It's always a pleasure to get a new album and expectations are always met. This is a great batch of songs. In ways it fits in with some of the earlier classics. You have the gang vocals which the band have used for ages. You also have those killer Wolf Hoffman guitar rhythms. Most of the original band is gone now, but with Hoffman still here, you know it will be Accept and with the addition of Deaffy in some of the songwriting duties still offering her help as has been from years ago, the classic Accept sound remains intact. This is a really strong album in my opinion. It rocks start to finish and really has no filler.  Probably my favorite since the earlier era!
Release Date: January 22, 2021