Iron Savior-Skycrest   ©2020 AFM Records
​I have a select group of power metal acts that I keep track of from album to album. Iron Savior is among them as I feel they are one of the best. Each release offers up straight in your face metal. 'Skycrest' is the latest album and let me tell you, it's a banger. The band attack your senses with some sonic intensity this go around. The tempo over all is great. In all honesty, this could be my favorite since the 'Dark Assault album from many years ago. The band typically have a style that they stick to similar to the approach of others in the power metal genre. Little things make the albums differ. Thise little things are what make me like this album a lot. Tracks like 'Souleater', 'Silver Bullet', and 'There Can Only Be One' make my point. There is even a lighter track with 'Ease Your Pain'. Once again, the band have released a great album with decent intensity. Recommended!
Release Date:  December 4, 2020
Fates Warning-Long Day Good Night    ©2020 Metal Blade Records 
​What could be the last Fates Warning album has arrived. I had seen Ray Alder's comment about Jim Matheos not wanting to write new music anymore and just stick to touring. Knowing those possibilities made this a pretty somber listen. The album is excellent and is definitely Fates Warning, but it has an interesting feel at the same time. It is moody and has quite a bit of depth. It does get down to business and retains its status as a metal record, but the feel of it is different. I really do enjoy this album and you can feel the effort put into it. The complex structures and subject material. The band has been known for this for ages and it is once delivered again. Knowing this could be the final studio album makes this a bit more special. It gives you an idea of where they were at at the time. I hope this isn't true as the band is quite unique and would be missed! 
Release Date:  November 6, 2020
Angelica-All I Am  ©2020 Frontiers Records
​For those unaware, Angelica is Angelica Rylin, the lead singer of the cinematic metal band The Murder Of My Sweet. While there is quite a bit of depth and an expansive sound to that band, Angelica takes a slightly different direction on her solo outing. Most of the songs are quite radio friendly and are written in a much more simple format.  The songs at times do have a bit of edge at times, but this is a very melodic record with some pretty good songs. There is a bit of a modern feel to some of the material here. You could take quite a few of these songs to radio and probably do well. It's cool to see where artists go when given the chance outside of their normal surroundings. While Angelica doesn't completely leave what she does normally, she does broaden her horizons with great results.  There is a lot to enjoy here and comes recommended!
Release Date:  November 6, 2020
Unruly Child-Our Glass House   ©2020 Frontiers Records
​Marcie Free has been fronting some of my favorite acts for years. Unruly Child is probably the one I most happy to see is active. Releases have been regular and quality of music has been excellent. 'Our Glass House' is another great entry in the bands growing catalog. They have always been good at writing more melodic songs. This album has plenty of those as one would expect. Also, there are some really good edgier sounding songs like 'Say What You Want' which is one of my favorites on this new album. I think the batch of songs on this album are exceptional. I also thought the re-records of two earlier classics, 'To Be Your Everything' and 'Let's Talk About Love' are amazing. Still true to the originals, but have a slightly different feel to them. Maybe a bit more atmosphere. This band is showing no signs of slowing down. Another outstanding release!
Release Date:  December 4, 2020
Palace-Rock And Roll Radio   ©2020 Frontiers Records
​I was feeling pretty nostalgic listening to the latest album from Sweden's Palace. For being the young guy that Michael Palace is, he really knows how to deliver an 80's sound. From the keyboards, the riffs, the melodies, it's all here. 80's music had a very upbeat sound for the most part. Didn't really matter what genre, it was happy music. I have become a big fan of Palace for this very reason. These elements always find their way into the music and it's like a trip back through time listening to it. The songs are fairly basic in structure and are definitely strong in delivery. The album is pretty uniform. Most of the tracks are mid tempo with melodic tones all over it. With the album being called 'Rock And Roll Radio', it's a fact. That's where this album belongs. In your player and all over the radio. Oh, if only times were different. This is a must have!
Release Date:  December 4, 2020