Eclipse-Viva La Victouria   ©2020  Frontiers Records
​The band's first live release that is released on CD/DVD and Blu-Ray. One of the live shows (as there are two) was recorded in December of 2019 in Gothenberg just before the pandemic shut everything down. The second show is live from the quarantine which shows the band doing a live show via internet stream. A lot of energy is to be found in both shows. As cool as the quarantine show is, you can tell how much of a void not having an audience creates. I thought both shows were excellent and showcased a lot of the bands best work. I also bought the Blu-Ray version as I prefer the higher quality package. There is a documentary that runs around 40 minutes or so focusing on the songs from the 'Paradigm' album as well as other things relating to the band like the entrance of Victor Crusner into the band  This is an excellent live package from a great band!
Release Date:  November 6, 2020
Orianthi-O    ©2020  Frontiers Records 
​It's been some time since Orianthi released some solo work. Frontiers Records was able to release it and it's a batch of fun songs. Quite a few things came to mind while going through this album. At times it had a vintage rock feel to it. Other times it felt more mainstream, almost pop in areas. I guess you could say there is some good variety on the album. There is a very cool vibe to the album overall and songs are all quite good. Fans are obviously going to be curious about the guitar work. As is expected it is good. It's not over the top and this really isn't a shredder album although we know Orianthi is very capable of pulling that off. It's nice to get some new material as she has spent quite a bit of her time touring with other acts such as Alice Cooper and was going to work with Michael Jackson. 'O' is an entertaining group of Songs from a talented musician!
Release Date:  November 6, 2020
Pyramaze-Epitaph  ©2020  AFM Records
​'Epitaph' is the sixth album from Pyramaze. The quality of this album is on par with previous albums. The music is heavy with some progressive elements and a good amount of melody. In ways, you could make the case that this may be the most mainstream album of the band's catalog, but never sacrifices anything at the same time. A good portion of the album is instantly memorable and tempo does vary from heavy all the way to melodic. There are some good guest contributions from musicians such as Brittney Slayes from Unleash The Archers and former Pyramaze vocalists Matt Barlow and Lance King. Some of my favorite tracks include 'A Stroke Of Magic', 'Bird Of Prey' which is probably my favorite track, 'Particle', and the album closer 'The Time Traveller'. I look forward to releases by Pyramaze. They bring the goods. Easy recommend!
Release Date:  November 13, 2020
Heavy Pettin-4 Play   ©2020  Heavy Pettin Music
​30 Years in the making. '4 Play' is finally out and contains 4 new tracks from the band. It may be short, but it's all good and sounds very much like what you would expect from the band. There is plenty of melody and a bit of edge. The 4 tracks are consistent in terms of being good and the overall sound. It may be a small offering, but hopefully it is the sign of more to come. I believe this was released earlier this year, but you never know as the pandemic screwed so many different things up. I see on their merchandise page that it is in preorder status for December 2020, thus my confusion. Anyway. Although the band has new members, I think fans of the band will dig this 4 track e.p. It has been many years but the sound is pretty close to the previous couple of albums. Not as heavy as 'Lettin' Loose', but still has a bit of punch to it. Hoping for much more!
Release Date: February 14, 2020
AC/DC-Power Up   ©2020 Columbia Records
​I for one was glad to hear that AC/DC was going to release another album. They really have nothing left to prove to the world and they could ride off into the sunset and call it good. Lucky for us that wasn't the plan as they have written and recorded a great new album. The trick for a band like AC/DC is how do you keep it sounding fresh? The band write their music with the same formula. Their is no mistaking who this band is just by the structure and sound of the songs. The songs have to sound fresh. They have accomplished this once again. As a matter of fact, I think this could be the best batch of songs since the 1990 album 'The Razors Edge'. The don't reinvent the wheel here, but the songs just sound great and memorable. I think the fans will be very happy with the product offered. No idea yet what touring will look like.  Let's hope it happens!
Release Date: November 13, 2020