Pretty Maids-Maid In Japan: Back To The Future World   ©2020  Frontiers Records
​'Future World' is the first thing I heard from Pretty Maids. I found the album and was fascinated by the cover and loved the band's logo. I had no idea what they sounded like until I popped this one in my deck and was instantly blown away. The album to me was a masterpiece. I became a huge fan of the band from that day forward. I was pretty stoked to hear of this live release commemorating 30 years since it's release. The band sounds fantastic. I have both audio and the blu-ray copies. I highly recommend both. The blu-ray has the same track listing  as the compact disc and the latter has a bonus DVD with the same features as the hi-def version. For under 20 dollars, it's a hell of a package. I was never able to see this band live unfortunately, they never came close enough for me to be able to. This is definitely an awesome set by a legendary band!
Release Date:  May 22, 2020
Sven Gali-3    ©2020  RFL Records 
​I think timing was definitely an issue for this Canadian band. I remember people drawing comparisons to Skid Row and there is truth to that. The two bands were similar in sound. Due to the first album being released in 1992, the scene had started to self destruct and Sven Gali was a victim of the Grunge scene gaining ground. That first album was amazing. In 1995 'Inwire' was released and the sound had changed. Honestly, I really wasn't a fan of it, but you could tell they did adapt well to the current scene. Fast forward to today. Once again the band adapts very well to the modern sound of today's heavy scene. The latest effort '3' is an e.p. containing 4 tracks and I definitely like this. The songs are consistent with each other and the band's attitude is intact. This is great stuff, I'm hoping for much more in the way of a full length album as this e.p. wet the appetite!
Release Date:  June 12, 2020
One Desire-Midnight Empire  ©2020  Frontiers Records
​One Desire's first album has become a favorite of mine. It was my melodic rock album of the year for 2017. To say I was anticipating new music from this band would be an understatement. After a release delay due to Covid-19, we finally get the follow up album and it is every thing I had hoped it would be. My bar was set damn high due to the debut album and the band not only met it, but exceeded it. Every time I spin this album it gets even better to me. I think I have a favorite song picked out and then another track starts to gain momentum as a new potential favorite.  The growth the band shows with the new release is evident. If you haven't checked One Desire out and have a taste for melodic hard rock, this one is a must have. With every good thing especially in music, you hope it lasts a long time. That is my hope for this band!
Release Date:  May 22, 2020
Dennis DeYoung-26 East Volume I   ©2020   Frontiers Records
​What I wouldn't give to be able to catch a Styx show with DeYoung back in the fold. For now, I will be happy with his latest solo release. There is some really good stuff on this new album. A bit of variety as well. First, you get some classic Styx sounding music. DeYoung's voice always helps with this, but it's more than that. The structure and harmonies are part of it as well. Another point to make is how good Dennis sounds. He still has a heck of a voice. The album showcases this as always. There are a few other tracks that have more of a solo album identity and they are equally as good. I really liked 'To The Good Old Days'. I recommend watching the video for that track on YouTube.  I loved how the album closed with 'A.D. 2020'. 'Paradise Theater' fans will dig this for sure. I hope there is more to come from Dennis. He still has a lot to offer!
Release Date:  May 22, 2020
FM-Synchronized   ©2020  Frontiers Records
​Good things come to those with patience. It was tough, but we finally get the latest batch from Frontiers Records. In that batch was the latest from melodic rockers FM. Another great melodic release that has the usual winning formula from recent previous albums. I always liked the soulful vocals of Steve Overland. I think it adds a unique element to the bands sound. This batch of songs is pretty consistent not only together as an album, but fits the FM sound of previous records. When you write in such a consistent fashion as FM does, it comes down to how good the songs are and they are really good as always. Mostly melodic rock type of music with a bit of blues here and there. It's a great formula that keeps melodic rock fans interested album after album. If you are familiar with this band, you know what to expect. If not, look them up!
Release Date:  May 22, 2020