Dynazty-The Dark Delight   ©2020  AFM Records
​After hearing the first single 'Presence of Mind' drop, this became one of my most anticipated releases of the year so far. Everything about the song is awesome. The band sees good growth as a unit once again with 'The Dark Delight'. Each album keeps getting better and better. Everyone is probably aware that Nils Molin also provides vocals to Amaranthe, but really shows his strengths in Dynazty. The album has offered up a few videos for you to check out including the already mentioned 'Presence of Mind', 'Heartless Madness' and 'Waterfall'. You will get a pretty good idea of what this band is about with those tracks if you are not familiar with them yet. This album is already a favorite of mine for 2020. The year has really sucked in a lot of ways, but music so far has been really good and offers a distraction from more serious matters. Essential!
Release Date:  April 3, 2020
False Hearts-Remedy    ©2020 False Hearts 
​This new e.p. from False Heearts packs some good modern rock energy. The band is female fronted and draws comparisons to bands such as Halestorm, Shinedown, etc. Although the e.p. is quite short, it is pretty solid when it comes to the substance. There are four tracks total with one being a radio edit. There is a consistent feel to three of the tracks. Good rockers with a great vibe.  'Breathe Again' shows a more atmospheric element to the bands music. Good melodic track with a bit of an edge to it. Great choice for a single.  There already is a video up on YouTube for the track 'Remedy' which will give you a feel for the band's sound. Even though this band fits into a more modern sound, I do think they have quite a bit of crossover appeal to more traditional rock fans. This e.p. shows a lot of promise when it comes to delivering great modern rock!
Release Date:  April 3, 2020
Bonfire-Fistful Of Fire  ©2020  AFM Records
​While I have been listening to Bonfire for a very long time now, I am really digging where there are at right now. I think by now we all know how positive the addition of Alexx Stahl has been for the band. Each album since his arrival has been strong and the band is writing great music. 'Fistful of Fire' is a very confident sounding traditional hard rock album. The musicianship is top notch as usual. The strength of this album is definitely the songs. That is what really wins out when all is said and done. As I made my way through this album, I never felt the need to skip over anything. The delivery is nice and the tracks flow very well from one to the next. If you have been listening to the band on the last couple of albums, you'll know what to expect from 'Fistful of Fire'. Another great chapter to this bands great career!
Release Date:  April 3, 2020
H.E.A.T.-II   ©2020   Fifth Island Music
​When I listen to H.E.A.T.  I go back to the 90's where it became so unfashionable to like hard rock. Across the oceans these traditional hard rock bands were seizing the moment and look at where we are today. These types of bands do quite well for themselves. To me, H.E.A.T. is one of the best bands that have embraced that 80's hard rock sound. The latest album 'II' exemplifies my point. This album follows the bands usual winning formula and there is no stopping them as they keep rolling along with great album  after great album. The new record packs not only a good punch but also displays that attitude that domestic fans of 80's hard rock have missed. There are a lot of fans that complain at what the old 80's bands write when it comes to music now. Well, do yourselves a favor and check some of these newer and younger bands out! Fantastic record!
Release Date: February 28, 2020
Five Finger Death Punch-F8   ©2020  Better Noise Music
​This is a great record for different reasons. If you like the heavier side of the band, you are represented well. On the flip side, if you have liked some of the more mainstream tracks the band have released, you'll get a bit of that as well. What you do get overall is one of the band's stronger records. I felt the mix of sounds offered up a great balanced listen. It's not all angry, but not all chill either. From what I can tell, the response to the record has been quite good. It's hard to believe how large the band's catalog is now. Through ups and downs they have found a way to persevere through it all. This is great news for the fans as the records keep coming and the music sounds as great as ever. This will end up being one of my favorite records by the band. For me, I tend to love consistency as I mention it quite often in reviews. This album delivers in spades!  
Release Date:  February 28, 2020