Lovekillers feat. Tony Harnell-Lovekillers feat. Tony Harnell   ©2019 Frontiers Records
​Another great melodic hard rock band that features the vocal talent of Tony Harnell. Comparisons are sure to be drawn to Harnell's former band TNT, but there are differences. Musically, the band is the same genre, but the guitar work obviously has a bit of a different feel. This is a really good release that has a lot of melody overall. There are more hard rock oriented tunes, but also some very good lighter stuff like the closing track 'Set Me Free'. Upon listening to 'Hurricane', I'm betting you can't listen without thinking 'Intuition'. I think Tony excels in many different vocal situations, but I think he is at his peak on albums like this. This is a pretty easy title to recommend to fans of 80's hard rock as it fits that bill quite nicely. This is another good offering from Frontiers. Always nice to see Harnell in various bands with this label. Recommended!
Release Date:  December 6, 2019
Deaf Rat-Ban The Light    ©2019  AFM Records 
​Many different influences can be heard in the band based out of Sweden. There is a lot of punch in the music and plenty of flash. If you were to try to describe the band's sound, I would mention Guns n' Roses at the core with quite a few other sounds like Black Sabbath mixed in. You can make the case that the sound is fairly traditional, but does have modern influences as well. I was really digging this realease and it really caught fire for me when it hit the title track 'Ban the Light. There is a very cool vibe in the music on this record. Good crossover appeal as well. I can see a wide variety of fans getting into the sound offered here.  It also gets better with each listen. I had skimmed this and moved on. Something told me to go back and dig in deeper. Doing just that ended up offering a pretty rewarding listen. Very cool record. Easy recommend!
Release Date:  November 1, 2019
A New Tomorrow-Universe  ©2019 Frontiers Records
​A New Tomorrow is one of the band's brought to you from Frontiers Records that has broadened the labels sound a bit. This record is a more modern sounding record that will have most appeal to fans of bands like Shinedown, Foo Fighters, etc. This album is another one of those that I consider to be a 'grower'. Upon initial listen you feel that it is decent. The more you listen the more it grows. The band are pretty tight with a confident feel to their hard rock sound. I found myself enjoying this one a lot as I do like quite a few more modern sounding bands. I really liked the way the band closed out the album with the track 'Abrasive'. This track is different from what you would expect from the rest of the listen. It feels like a mini movie with voice acting. The music in it has a great riff oriented sound. Ended up being fun. This album is worth checking out!
Release Date:  December 6, 2019
The Murder of My Sweet-Brave Tin World   ©2019 Frontiers  Records
​Been listening to this band for a few years now. This album is definitely my favorite of theirs to date. There is just something about it that appealed to me. The songs feel really smooth and memorable. This band writes and fits into the cinematic symphonic genre. They did a great job with this record. You can sit back, close your eyes and absorb into this record. The flow is very good from song to song. I didn't feel this record lent itself to much flash. It has a lot more atmosphere and depth to it which is probably why I was so drawn into it. At times it offers some edge, other times it overflows with melody. I have so much music to go through so I get a bit limited on what I go back to. This is an album that I will be going back to from time to time. A very good listen with an excellent batch of songs that work well together. Great stuff!
Release Date:  December 6, 2019
Edge of Forever-Native Soul   ©2019 Frontiers Records
​Anyone that has been checking out the Frontiers Records bands is going to already know the impact that Alessandro Del Vecchio has on many things there. From production to songwriting to guest musician. There is no denying his impact on the product that comes out of that label. It's nice to see Edge of Forever back and for those who don't know, Del Vecchio fronts this band. At times this band reminds me of Hardline and at others bands like Journey and Revolution Saints. If you are familiar with those bands and are a fan of any, this band and album in particular may be of interest to you. There is a pretty even feel to the bands sound. Plenty of melody and definitely a hard rock sound overall. You do have some flashy moments throughout. It was a good month of releases in December from Frontiers and this band is part of the reason!
Release Date:  December 6, 2019