The Dark Element-Songs the Night Sings   ©2019  Frontiers Records
​Second release from the band that features Jani Liimatainen and Anette Olzon. This new record is a continuation of the sounds created on the first record and also shows the band evolve a little. There are a lot of dynamics in this band's music that offer the listener a great listen. The symphonic sound is here once again, but the record offers even more. I was glad to see Olzon involved with a project like this. She adds a lot to the chemistry of the band and was missed after her departure from Nightwish. I like this album equally as well as the band's first record. I consider this band to be an important player in the genre. My favorite track on the album is 'The Pallbearer Walks alone'. This particular song has a very cool feel to it and the changing dynamics work well. This is a fantastic record overall that anyone should appreciate. Highly recommended!
Release Date:  November 8, 2019
7 Miles to Pittsburgh-Revolution On Hold    ©2019 A67 Records 
​7 Miles to Pittsburgh will be new to some, but if you go back a few years to the band Sleez Beez, you will get a familiar feeling. Not necessarily in style, but this band features former frontman Andrew Elt. This band's style to me is a bit classic and at other times a bit modern. There is a catchy vibe in the band's music, but with Elt in the band, don't go in looking for Sleez Beez, this is quite different. The album has a mainstream feel to it with most of it never getting all that heavy, but does have an edge. There are some good melodic tracks here that offer a bit more atmosphere such as 'I Feel Your Pain' and 'Brave New World'. There is good usage of instrumentation from the classic rock era such as organs, etc. The best way to get the point across is to have you, the listener, check out the band's sound for yourself. It's a good record that gets better with each listen!
Release Date:  October 11, 2019
Quiet Riot-Hollywood Cowboys  ©2019 Frontiers Records
​As most of the Quiet Riot fans have heard by now, James Durbin is no longer fronting the band. This new album does feature him on vocals, but Jizzy Pearl is supposed to be handling touring duties for the album. The album features decent traditional hard rock songs as one would expect, but they do differ from the classic Quiet Riot sound. Like the last album, this is a bit of a new identity for the band. It's a continuation in terms of songwriting from the last album with similar style, but nothing that resembles the hits from the band from years ago. While fan reaction to this newer era of Quiet Riot has been mixed, I personally have been fine with it. I enjoy the work of the musicians involved and don't expect another 'Metal Health' from them. I enjoy it for what it is. A good hard record with songs that reflect on where the band is currently. Give it a shot!
Release Date:  November 8. 2019
Edge of Paradise-Universe   ©2019 Frontiers  Records
​Another entry into the female fronted metal scene. This band brings a bit more of a modern sound and some unique vocal work. It's a bit hard to explain so I will send you to YouTube to check the band out for yourself in terms of their sound. The music is pretty energetic overall and packs a decent punch. There also is what I refer to as finesse which is where some of the vocals fit in. It really is an interesting mix of elements. The band has been around since 2011 and has made some noise since then. This is the band's third full length album and there is also an e.p. that was released in 2017. Their resume' is building and their upcoming tour with Sonatica Arctica will continue to pay dividends. This is a good record with symphonic elements slammed into modern industrial and electronic sounds. It's a good mix of many things and is very enjoyable!
Release Date:  November 8, 2019
Work of Art-Exhibits   ©2019 Frontiers Records
​One of my more favorite and recent melodic finds in the last few years. Work of Art features Lars Säfsund, Robert Säll and Herman Furin. This band will have huge appeal to fans of melodic hard rock or AOR if you like. There are connections with these guys being involved in other band's such as Lionville and W.E.T.  Each song on this new record is memorable with a heavy dose of melody. This record is the band's fourth overall and comparisons would be drawn to other acts like Journey or Toto. If you are new to this band or haven't checked them out, but do like the bands just mentioned, you should give these guys a listen. Some of my favorites from the new album include 'Another Night', 'This isn't Love', and 'Scars to Prove It'. It's nice to have a new album from this band and they definitely live up to expectations! Recommended!
Release Date:  November 8, 2019