Death Angel-Humanicide   ©2019 Nuclear Blast Records
​Death Angel is one of my go to bands and has been since their debut album so many years ago. 'Humanicide' is on par with the bands last few releases. Solid thrash metal sounds with frenzied tempos that we have come to expect from this band.  You do get some variations in style on this album such as 'I Came For Blood' which has some punk sounds in it as well. There are a few that have a solid power metal feel as well, but thrash rules the day here. I always liked the fast tempo of this style of metal for whatever reason. This release hits the ground running and doesn't let off of the throttle much. The songs throughout the album are really good and will have appeal most to fans of more traditional thrash and speed metal. The vocals fit into that mold which differs from a lot of the more recent bands out there that go for the scream or growl approach. It all comes together in another great record for this band. If you like it old school and heavy, you'll like this one!
Release Date:  May 31, 2019
Roxy Blue-Roxy Blue    ©2019 Frontiers Records 
​I was a big fan of the band's 'Want Some?' record back in the early 90's. When I first heard the lead off track for the new record, I was a bit nervous as it sounded like a complete departure from what you would expect from the band. Well, considering how many years have gone by, it's natural for things to change. After a single listen to this record, I was more than happy with the music on it. As was heard with the first single, this record has a heavier sound, but the songs are really good. There are some more ballad oriented songs on the record which are really good as well. My favorite of these is 'Collide'. The band does have a video up now on Youtube for 'How Does It Feel' which will give you a feel for the band's current lighter side. The heavier stuff is fairly accessible and packs a good punch. I came out very happy with this record as a whole and recommend it!
Release Date:  August 9, 2019
The Survival Code-Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill  ©2019  The Survival Code
​This particular release is a 5 track offering of more modern oriented rock. The music is pretty upbeat with catchy riffs and memorable choruses. The music is pretty consistent in nature offering a pretty even delivery start to finish. The band is based out of the UK and will probably draw comparisons to other bands such as The Foo Fighters, Deftones,, or maybe even Volbeat to an extent. The band is a duo and have been creating quite a buzz overseas. With the band's sound on this record, I'm betting this batch of tunes will translate really well to the stage. The band will be promoting with videos, so keep an eye out for them. We will link to the band's Youtube page below. As mentioned, the band has  more alt rock modern sound, so it will have most appeal to fans of that genre, but you never know.  Give them a listen. Pretty decent batch of songs!
Release Date:  August 16, 2019
Spread Eagle-Subway To The Stars   ©2019  Frontiers Records
​This album is a real treat. I have been a pretty big fan of this band and the wait has been a long one.  I will always be grateful to Frontiers for helping make these things happen. The music is definitely Spread Eagle style hard rock. In ways a continuation many years later from 'Open to the Public'. No two Spread Eagle albums are the same obviously. This album has a slightly different feel from the other albums, but is without a doubt Spread Eagle through and through. You can check out some of it on Youtube such as 'Grand Scam' and the video for 'The Sound of Speed'. I also liked 'Dead Air' and '29th of February' quite a bit as well. The band hasn't missed a beat with this record. There is heavy stuff, catchy stuff, and everything has a melodic infusion which always has been evident in a Spread Eagle record. Awesome record guys! Glad to see you releasing!
Release Date:  August 9, 2019
Bad Blood-Bad Blood   ©2019 Bad Blood 
​Here's a really good new hard rock record and band for you. Bad Blood features former members of Adelitas Way, The Last Vegas and RapScallions. In ways there is a traditional hard rock sound here, but it is definitely leaning to a more modern hard rock sound such as band's like Adelitas Way. The album has ten tracks and I didn't find any one track that I thought was filler. It's a great batch of tunes, all of which could have hit potential.  The band partnered with the Vezt music app to allow the fanbase to have some ownership in the songs. The band do have one video up so far that includes a 'Behind the Scenes' and then the video for 'Drug That I Need'. You will definitely get a feel for the band's sound with this particular video. Overall, this is a great record. Kind of short, but long on substance. Keep an eye on this band, they could take off!
Release Date:  July 4, 2019