Cats in Space-Day Trip to Narnia   ©2019  Harmony Factory Records
​Almost nobody does it better when it comes to delivering a retro 70's sound. 'Day Trip to Narnia' is the latest album by the band and the music is quite impressive. I found the 'Too Many Gods' album to be of very high quality and it was one of my favorites of that year in melodic hard rock. This record to me is of the same quality as the first record. The music is very memorable and the high point of the album is the 7 part 'The Story of Johnny Rocket'. An audio experience with almost visual attributes. The variety and feel of each track make this 7 part story very cool to listen to and you will be going back time and time again. You get a feel of a few bands that may have inspired the sound and Cats in Space bring those sounds back to life so well. This will without a doubt be a favorite of mine this year. Great stuff and very easy recommend!
Release Date:  March 1. 2019
Malum Sky-Diatribe    ©2019  Sliptrick Records 
​Pretty cool sound that takes progressive metal in a bit of a different direction. This is a more modern record that has a pretty thick guitar sound. As mentioned, the album is progressive and is structured with the tempo changes and different sounds. The album is a 5 track and times in at around 30 minutes. The band get the job done well in that time frame and offer up what their potential is going forward. This mini album does follow a debut album from 2015 and could bridge to another great album to come next. This album to me also gets better with each listen. I believe that it will have most appeal to more modern fans, but anyone who like progressive could be interested. If you want to check out some videos, the mini album is represented well with 2 videos and a lyric video so far. Give it a shot and see if it works for you. Pretty cool sound!
Release Date:  January 15, 2019
Within Temptation-Resist  ©2019  Spinefarm Records
​Became a huge fan of this band years ago. They really sparked my love of the female fronted metal scene that I still enjoy today. One thing that I always liked with each album is the band's ability to evolve with each album. This album continues that trend as is noted with the heavy sound of 'The Reckoning'. They don't really make the same album twice. This new album to me is pretty uniform. The band seem to go with a certain feel and stick with it. You don't have that variety that you have seen with previous albums. Not a negative, just pointing that out. Also, there are guests as were common on "Hydra'. The record sounds really good as they always offer up a memorable experience. A few years go by between albums these days so we have to enjoy what we get and hope for that next one down the road.  Another solid offering!
Release Date:  February 19, 2019
Quiet Riot-One Night in Milan   ©2019  Frontiers Records
​The first format I checked this album out on was Blu-ray. When it comes to live shows I prefer to watch them although there are a few that are in my favorite albums of all time. This latest live show features the band now fronted by James Durbin. The band do a great job and the classics are all there. Durbin does a pretty respectable job even if there are those who will not accept a frontman that is not Kevin DuBrow even though that isn't possible at this point. The moment of silence in the show was a nice addition to pay respect to former members DuBrow and Randy Rhoads. This was a good documentation of the current lineup of the band and the songs sounded great. One other fine moment was hearing 'Thunderbird' played on the piano which apparently was they way it was originally written.  An enjoyable live show!
Release Date: January 25, 2019
Warrior Path-Warrior Path   ©2019  Symmetric Records
​I took an interest in this album due to the involvement of Bob Katsionis and vocalist Yannis Papadopoulis. Being a fan of both made this easy for me. The album opens and I was immediately thinking 80's era Iron Maiden. The songs have an epic larger than life feel and the structures are similar in each track. This is the kind of band that you can expect with Warrior Path. The album overall is 10 tracks and a lengthy time of almost an hour and 15 minutes. Having Papadopoulos on this record is the icing on the cake. Most will know him with his work with Beast in Black. He adds a touch to this album that I'm not sure anyone else could add. A traditional power metal offering that shouldn't be missed in my opinion. If you check out nothing else from this, check out the masterpiece track 'The Hunter'. I guarantee you that you'll be sold on this band!
Release Date: March 1, 2019