Devil's Hand-Devil's Hand (feat. Slamer/Freeman)   ©2018  Frontiers Records
​Both Mike Slamer and Andrew Freeman need no introduction. They have been a part of some very good bands through the years and bring their chemistry to this record. Upon a first listen of the album, the first half of the album wasn't sinking in. As I moved along into the second half in became very accessible and very good. I ended up going back for a second listen and the album as a whole really started to gel for me. Familiarity after a few listens made this album really hard to get out of the player.  The album is solid start to finish and has a great sound and feel to it. This is why you don't skim albums. It can be so hard to get an honest feel for what is there without getting into it a few times. For those that do, you are rewarded with a very solid experience. I like this album a lot and can easily recommend it to fans of more mainstream hard rock sounds!
Release Date:  December 7, 2018
Altitudes & Attitude-Get It Out    ©2019 Megaforce Records 
​About 5 years ago we got a glimpse into the collaboration of Megadeth's David Ellefson and Anthrax's Frank Bello. They offered up a 3 track e.p. and what I heard was intriguing as it was different than what you normally hear from these guys. I was wanting more eventually and the time has come. 'Get It Out' is the first full length album by these guys and the music is along the same lines as the e.p.  For those unaware, it is definitely rock based, some of it heavier and at times it gets a little more mainstream. It's pretty good stuff overall. I tend to like the more intense stuff as I did with the e.p. There are plenty of guests helping out as well including Ace Frehley, Gus G, and Nita Strauss among others. The album has 10 new tracks and as an added bonus, you get the 3 track e.p. here as well. Glad to see more from these guys!
Release Date:  January 18, 2019
Palace-Binary Music  ©2018  Frontiers Records
​Been a couple of years since the last Palace album now and it was time for some new music. I spent quite a bit of time with this album and even went back to 'Master of the Universe' as it had been a bit since I heard it. This is another great melodic hard rock record that has the same appeal as the first record. The music once again is upbeat and catchy and has a cool retro feel to it. Currently at the time of this review, there is a video for the title track that features the band's sound on this record. It's a good way for new fans to get a sample of how Palace sounds. The album will have greatest appeal to fans of the 80's rock era, but the music is infectious enough to bring along new fans as well in my opinion. The record to me is very consistent and shows how talented Michael Palace is as a musician and songwriter. Once again he delivers a great melodic rock album!
Release Date:  December 7, 2018
Alcatrazz-Parole Denied-Tokyo 2017   ©2018  Frontiers Records
​I was pretty excited to see this happen. Alcatrazz was another one of those bands that influenced my musical tastes in the mid 80's. It has literally been decades since the band performed, but made it happen last year. The show was documented in this recording and the band sounds great. The tracks that made them who they are show up in the set and the band sounds tight. It's a great live set that has an accompanying DVD as well. In the set there is also a second CD that offers quite a few demos. The sound quality of the demos is quite good and it is interesting to hear what these songs sounded like prior to final recordings. As far as I know this album will not see a blu-ray release which is a little disappointing. The DVD gets you the visual part of the show, but I always try to grab a more hi def version where I can. Either way, I was glad to see this set released!
Release Date:  December 7, 2018
Flotsam and Jetsam-The End of Chaos   ©2019 AFM  Records
​I really look forward to this bands new releases and have for a long time. As I became a fan of thrash in the mid 80's, Flotsam and Jetsam became a favorite of mine. In recent years, it feels the band can do no wrong and this new album is no exception. This album is an absolute burner. The band sounds as tight as ever and the music causes adrenaline to surge. Some of my favorite tracks include 'Unwelcome Surprise' and 'Snake Eye' due to the intensity. The album overall is very good and the band are up to their usual high standard. It is kind of cool to see a return of the guy on the cover of the new album as it has been a long while. Be sure to check out the video for 'Demolition Man' on Youtube to get a feel of the new albums sound. This album lands in January and will without a doubt set the bar high for this style of metal music.  Highly recommended!
Release Date: January 18, 2019