Arion-Life Is Not Beautiful   ©2018  AFM Records
​It can be hard in this day and age to get noticed. There are so many bands, and a lot of them are quite good. to me Arion stands out. The band hails from Finland and have been around since 2011. If you want to nail them down to a genre, they are classified as melodic metal, and it fits well. There is some good intensity, but that melodic infusion is there just as much. It also helps to have Elize Ryd of Amaranthe guest on the track 'At the Break of Dawn'. This band have what it takes to make a strong statement with this record. The album has a great opening intro track with 'The End of the Fall' and then pounds into 'No One Stands In My Way'. The whole thing comes across with a veteran feel. There are also some symphonic sounds mixed in for good measure. It all comes together for a rich sounding melodic metal record full of good songs. Recommended!
Release Date:  October 19, 2018
Below 7-Crashing Down    ©2018  Pavement Entertainment 
​For those rock fans that like a more modern sound, Below 7 has just released their new album 'Crashing Down' and it's a dandy. As I listened to this bands music a few other bands popped into my mind. They remind me a bit of Adelita's Way with a White Zombie groove. It's a pretty cool mix. You also get a bit of a Godsmack feel as well. The album contains 10 chugging tracks that become pretty memorable right away. The first single is 'Millenial' and will give you a good idea what you will get with this album in terms of sound. In some ways there is also some old school in this band's sound. Each track has a fairly thick tone and if you aren't toe tapping or head bobbing, you would have to be asleep. I believe this album is being released on digital platforms only or as far as I can tell. I'm sure hard rock fans are probably going to love and want this album!
Release Date:  October 19, 2018
Crazy Lixx-New Religion  ©2018  Frontiers Records (reissue)
​'New Religion' is the third recent reissue from Frontier Records for Crazy Lixx. The album was originally released in 2010. Once again, fans will already be aware of the music and the general sound of this album. It's a great hard rock record heavily inspired by the 80's hard rock scene. This album features all of the original tracks and one bonus track. 'Lights Out!' closes the album in energetic fashion. The track has been out there for a while now as a Japanese bonus track, but is now accessible through this reissue which is a good thing. There have been quite a few bands embrace this style of music inspired by the great sounds of the 80's and Crazy Lixx has always been one of the better bands doing it. It's nice having the three releases back in print as new records came as did new fans, this stuff was getting a bit harder to get. Another great reissue!
Release Date:  October 12, 2018
Saliva-10 Lives   ©2018  Refuse To Lose Music
The new Saliva album '10 Lives' is appropriately titled as it is the band's tenth album. Once again there is a lot of energy to this record and the bands sound is intact. You are going to get songs similar to the last few records as well as some of the rap rock sound that you were hearing early on. It's obvious the band still has a lot to say. I have been listening to this band since 'Every Six Seconds' and have continued to have faith even after the departure of Josey. That can be a band killer, but Saliva have taken the challenge head on and achieved what some other bands have not, kept that momentum going without missing a beat with a new frontman. This is a solid record beginning to end. You can check most if not all of it via Youtube, but definitely support the artist. These guys need the support as do most bands. This is a very worthy effort in my opinion!
Release Date:  October 19, 2018
Creye-Creye   ©2018  Frontiers Records
​Let me introduce you to the latest sensations to the melodic rock scene. Creye formed in early 2015 and started releasing music by way of their first single 'Never Too Late' in 2016. 2018 finally brings the band's full length self titled debut album. If you were ever a fan of the melodic rock scene of the 80's, you are going to dig this band a lot. The music is consistent with a really melodic and positive tone. I found the whole album to be really good. As a fan of the 80's might expect, there is a heavy keyboard presence mixed in to the songwriting structure. A good way to sample this release is by way of Youtube. The band has a few videos up from this release. Any one of those tracks should give you a general idea of the band's sound. This is definitely one of the best melodic rock releases of 2018. Very easy to recommend to melodic rock enthusiasts!
Release Date:  October 12, 2018