Treat-Tunguska   ©2018 Frontiers Records
​Great new offering from Treat that features a great mix of melodic elements and a bit of punch to each song. I really like this bands sound as each song has a very cool vibe and memorable moments. The band have a couple of videos up for some great songs which include 'Rose of Jericho' and 'Build the Love'. Both songs are among my favorites of the album. Very infectious music with different sounds. I also really like 'Riptide', the album closer 'Undefeated', and the opener 'Progenitors'. This album overall is very smooth in its delivery and the band's sound should draw in plenty of new fans with this record if it is given a chance to be heard on a larger scale. I am a more recent fan although the band has a history dating back to the 80's. I have had the chance to hear this quite a few times so far and feel it is a very easy record to recommend. Awesome album!
Release Date:  September 14, 2018
Hank Erix-Nothing But Trouble    ©2018  Livewire/Cargo Records UK 
​New solo album from the frontman of the melodic rock band Houston. The album is somewhat along the lines of the Houston material, but does have a bit more edge. Hank was able to get members from other great melodic hard rock bands such as Palace, Degreed and others. If you are at all familiar with Houston, you know what to expect when it comes to the melody, just add a bit more edge and you'll have this album nailed down. The songs themselves are all really good. I enjoy this solo record as much as I have enjoyed the Houston material. There is a video for the first single 'Fortune Hunter' available via Youtube that will give you a general idea of the sound of the album if you haven't heard of Erix or Houston. You'll find that his music is very infectious and memorable. This music would have been huge radio material years ago stateside. Great album!
Release Date:  October 5, 2018
Snakes in Paradise-Step Into the Light  ©2018  Frontiers Records
​Here's a band that showed promise through the years, but ended up calling it a day quite a few years ago. Well, they are back and on the Frontiers label. It's a good fit.  The bands first material in 16 or so years is very soulful, laid back, and well written stuff. The album is pretty consistent in the songwriting and delivery will remind fans of bands like Whitesnake. I always confused this band with Company of Snakes and there is actually a tie in with vocalist Stefan Berggren working with that band at one point. This album's best attribute is its songs. They are all really good with some being slightly better in my eyes such as 'After the Fire is Gone' and 'Liza'. There is a slightly more catchy sound to some of these songs, but overall, I felt this album was one to kick back to and just absorb. It's an easy album to digest and I'm glad the band resurfaced!
Release Date:  September 14, 2018
Dream Child-Until Death Do We Meet Again   ©2018  Frontiers Records
​Latest project that features former Dio members Craig Goldy, Simon Wright, and Rudy Sarzo along with Helker vocalist Diego Valdez and Wayne Findlay who worked with MSG. Musically this album will remind fans quite a bit of Dio. The music has that feel, but Diego's vocal work has a similar feel to it as Ronnie James Dio. You could make the case as well that the music goes back maybe a bit further in time to maybe Rainbow. It's a solid offering and one that shows the influence Dio had, not only on the musicians in this band, but the metal genre as a whole. This is an old school record with today's modernized sound. It's a consistent record as well. The band have stamped their sound and it is displayed throughout the album start to finish. If you are looking for something that hits a more traditional chord with great songs, this one is pretty solid!
Release Date: September 14, 2018
Groundbreaker-Groundbreaker   ©2018  Frontiers Records
​You see this quite a bit with the Frontiers Label.  Members of more known bands coming together and writing great songs and trying a new chemistry out. Groundbreaker features Steve Overland of FM and Robert Sall of Work of Art. There have been quite a few collaborations that have been quite successful. Think bands like W.E.T. for example which also features Sall. Obviously this album will remind you a bit of FM due to Overland's unique and recognizable vocals. The album is a good batch of AOR flavored songs that feel right at home in the Frontiers Records framework. It would be safe to say that this is a good hybrid of Work of Art and FM's sound. The band have two videos you can check out with 'Something Worth Fighting For' and 'Will it Make You Love Me'. This record is a great collaboration of two melodic rock giants. Essential!
Release Date: September 14, 2018