Voodoo Circle-Raised on Rock   ©2018 AFM  Records
​Latest album from Alex Beyrodt and company.  This is a very good album in a traditional sense. What jumped out to me was how much this album reminded me of mid 80's Whitesnake. If you were a fan Whitesnake and that era of the band in particular, you really need to own this album.  There's plenty of flash throughout and the vocals of new singer Herbie Langhans really round this album out.  His vocals add a necessary quality to the music and he fits the band very well. There are very good rockers and some decent more melodic songs as well. It's an album with good balance. One of favorite tracks being 'Higher Love' has a quality to it very similar to something you would hear from earlier Gotthard. You get the general idea. While not entirely original, who cares, this is a very fun and well put together listen. I'll take stuff like this all day long. Recommended!
Release Date:  February 9, 2018
Iron Maiden-The Book of Souls: Live Chapter    ©2017  Sanctuary Records 
​There is no denying that Iron Maiden have documented their live performances more than most. 'Live Chapter' is the latest live offering from the band documenting their travels on the 'Book of Souls' world tour. Shows are taken from many locations and the album contains 15 tracks total. I personally liked the track selection. This has to be one of the toughest things for the band to do with such a huge catalog to draw from. In particular, I was happy to see 'Children of the Damned' included among others. The album sounds good as far as sound quality and polish goes. I picked up the version with the figurine which is collectible and a Wal-Mart exclusive.  There was also a pin in the box.  It's a nice package overall and has the band sounding very good.  I personally missed this tour, but do have this package to reflect on it. 
Release Date:  November 17, 2017
Iron Savior-Riding on Fire (Reforged)  ©2017  AFM Records
​So what do you do if some of your material is no longer accessible for whatever reason and rights is a problem. Re-recording is one possibility and is what this album is all about. Getting Iron Savior classics back out to the fans. An enhancement in sound quality also happens in these cases which is nice if done right. Iron Savior have done a good job getting some of these classics back to the fan base  This band has always had a ton of energy and that shines through each track on this album. Good power metal with a frenzied tempo. Track listing in particular is good. That has to be one of the more important factors in a release such as this. Fans would probably love to have the albums in their entirety, but when that isn't an option, this is your next best choice. Everything to me sounded good and thought the upgrades in sound were decent.
Release Date:  December 8, 2017
Warrior Soul-Back on the Lash   ©2017  Livewire/Cargo Records
​IHere is a band that I was a big fan of back in their run of solid albums in the early 90's.  Was pretty stoked to see this album pop up on the release list. One thing about this album, same attitude, different sound. Kory Clarke stays consistent in his subject material, but the music is quite different than those earlier albums like 'Last Decade Dead Century'. There is a much more raw feel to this and maybe a simpler feel. I still found myself liking this album quite well. The opening track was very Warrior Soul sounding in a classic way, but it changes after that. Definitely go into this album with that knowledge, but at the same time, be fair about it. This album is good based on it's own merits. It's catchy and has a cool groove through it. Glad to see the band in action still and found the record to be fun and in regular rotation in my playlist!
Release Date:  December 8, 2017
H.E.A.T.-Into the Great Unknown   ©2017  Gain Music 
​Kept missing this album when doing reviews for whatever reason. It made my top ten albums of last year, so it was time to finally get a review archived for it. This band knows how to get people excited. Upon release of the single 'Redefined', some fans were going off the deep end. The track is catchy but some would deem it a bit too experimental. Not me. I like a band who isn't afraid to do things differently from time to time. This is a solid melodic rock record with a great batch of songs that I feel are up the the bands very high standard. Nothing to worry about here.  The larger portion of this album would fit anywhere on previous albums and has the same qualities you would expect from the band. My advice on this album is go into it and listen to it with out pre-judging it. I feel most will come out of it the same way I did, liking it quite a bit. Recommended!
Release Date:  September 29, 2017