Annihilator-For the Demented   ©2017   Silver Lining Music
​Another day and another solid Annihilator record. This record is a very heavy record. Annihlator doing what they do best. They don't waste any time getting started either. 'Twisted Lobotomy' rages right out of the gates with a very frenzied tempo. The album sticks to a much heavier tempo for the most part but does have some tracks that have a bit of a different vibe such as the 'The Demon You Know'. This particular song has a great groove to it and is probably my personal favorite of the new album. 'Altering the Altar' is another Annihilator classic. I believe the general consensus of the fans is they want the music heavy. Thrash heavy in fact and this record delivers big on this. The band have released a video for the track 'Pieces of You', but it comes with a warning. Best to heed it. Overall, this is a solid outing for the band and if you like it heavy, this one is for you!
Release Date:  November 3, 2017
Red-Gone    ©2017  Provident Label Group 
​When it comes to more modern bands, Red is a personal favorite. I stumbled onto these guys years ago and have pretty much stuck to them since that point. 'Gone' is relatively short in running time, but big on delivery. The core sound that the band embraces is evident once again. There is a bit of an electronic element that may be a bit more prominent here. The band definitely don't let it take over the music though as it is still the hard driving atmospheric sound that you always get from each release. The electronic sounds are a bit more of an enhancement in my opinion and deepens the sound a bit more. The title track may stir a few fans up with some of the elements used, but the band has never been afraid to experiment a bit. As usual, this is a pretty solid record. Red always seems to bring it each time they release, and they delivered again!
Release Date:  October 27, 2017
Shakra-Snakes & Ladders  ©2017  AFM Records
​As I have been listening to the latest from Swiss rockers Shakra and second album since the return of Mark Fox on vocals, something hit me. A lot of my favorite bands put out an album that seems to be way above the rest. 'Snakes & Ladders' is one of those. These bands always have a pretty decent catalog, but there is always that one release that seems like everything just clicked. I have gone back to this album probably more than any other Shakra album and will probably continue to do so. Really digging tracks like the title track. You can't help but caught up in that song.  I also thought the opening song 'Cassandra's Curse' was a solid song as well. There is a very good flow to this album and overall all the album is probably one of my favorites of the bands catalog. Very good hard rock and roll album. It's a very easy recommend!
Release Date:  November 24, 2017
Adelitas Way-Notorious   ©2017  Vegas Syn
​Back when "home School Valedictorian' was released, I became a pretty big fan of that album. I loved the edge that it had. As a fan of the band and that album in particular I have followed each album since wanting more of that edge. maybe it's just a style in the song writing that works well and gets the blood pumping, but even though the bands albums have all been really good, I wanted more of that. Well, 'Notorious is here and so is that edge. The title track shows it as does tracks like 'Ready for War (Pray for Peace)'. The latter has a definite good burn in it closer to the end. The band also does a very good job with the more melodic stuff like 'Tell Me' or 'This Goes Out to You'. To me, this is the best album since 'Home School Valedictorian'. I have a lot of faith in this band and they reward it each time they release. Very good release once again. Another recommend!
Release Date:  October 20, 2017
Madam X-Monstrocity   ©2017  EMP Label Group
​Somehow, I never seemed to check out Madam X back in the day. I had heard the name plenty of times, but never took the time to grab a copy. Fast forward many years later to the bands new record 'Monstrocity'. The band are banging again with a pretty heavy record. The album features Roxy from Vixen as she was a co-founder with her sister Maxine. As a matter of fact, this album is an original lineup album as it was for the bands debut. The album overall is hard hitting fairly traditional sounding metal record. Obviously there is a thick modern sound to it, but it should please fans who have waited a long time for a follow up album. The band also added an updated version of the bands hit 'High in High School' from their debut album. This is more goodness from Ellefson's EMP Label group and should get the band back on the scene in fine fashion!
Release Date:  October 31, 2017