Kryptonite-Kryptonite   ©2017  Frontiers Records
​One thing that I can always point to when it comes to output from Frontiers Records is very good collaborations with many different musicians in the genre. Kryptonite features The Poodles frontman Jakob Samuel, ex-The Poodles and current bassist Pontus Egberg, Michael Palace, and Robban Back. Helping with production and some keyboard work is Alessandro Del Vecchio. Musically, if you are a fan of The Poodles, this one is going to be right up your alley. Obviously having Samuel on vocals is gonna make it sound like his main band, but the music itself is similar as well. Very well crafted melodic rock songs that will appeal to fans of the Frontiers roster. It is a very consistent record with each track having the potential of being radio hit potential. If you are a fan of melodic hard rock and The Poodles sound, this one is a good bet!
Release Date:  August 4, 2017
Gothminister-The Other Side    ©2017  AFM Records 
​A new band to me, but I can say I am a fan of this style of music typically. Gothminister could be mentioned in the same discussion as other acts such as Rammstein, Megaherz, or maybe even Blutengel to an extent. A good catchy heavy vibe mixed with some electronica and synth sounds. Vocal work is performed in emglish and the bands native tongue. The music on 'The Other Side' is actually a bit deeper than those bands mentioned as many different elements are added in that build great atmosphere. Vocally, this is quite good. The range is different that a lot of bands of this genre as you get a much higher delivery added in as well. There is orchestration that broadens the sound as well. In ways it is hard to just push this into one category. It would be an injustice to simplify what is happening here. A very cool record that will have me checking out more!
Release Date:  October 13, 2017
Stella Lost-Figures  ©2017  Pavement Entertainment
​Straight out of Southern Texas is modern rock act Stella Lost. The band have been around since 2012 and have released a mini LP  titled 'Everything Old is New Again' through Pavement as well in 2015. The latest offering and subject of this review is 'Figures' which is an 8 track album of fairly even sounding modern rock music. The band to me have a bit more atmosphere than I hear in a lot of the modern bands out there. Good riffing is evident as well.  This album didn't quite sink in right away. It took an additional listen or two, but as I stayed with it I started to really appreciate the work put into each song and the album as a whole. This album is a great example of why skimming and developing an opinion isn't a very good idea. If you like more modern sounding rock music, give this one a listen. The band prove that they are worthy of your attention!
Release Date:  June 16, 2017
Steelheart-Through Worlds of Stardust   ©2017  Frontiers Records
​I remember this band making quite the impact with their debut album back in the day. Their is an obvious talent going on here with Milijenko Matijevic. He is an amazing vocalist and one of my all time favorites. What I really dig about Steelheart in general and it holds true to this record as well is the fact that the band are not afraid to rock out. The band has always excelled at ballad style writing with tracks such as 'She's Gone', but can get it done in a big way when it comes to the heavier side as well. This album is mainly a rocker. There is a very cool vibe to the heavy stuff. As far as more melodic stuff, you get some gems such as 'You got me Twisted' which in ways reminds me of Shinedown. Also, 'Lips of Rain' is a classic. Melodic Steelheart styled stuff. This is a very good record as was expected. I'm a huge fan of the band and this is a favorite of 2017! 
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Nothing More-The Stories We Tell Ourselves   ©2017  Better Noise Records
​This band is one of my most favorite modern rock bands. There is a ton of energy running through this band and they let it flow through their music which creates a great listening experience. This latest album has a very cool flow to it. The band offer up a variety of sounds which make the album all the more interesting. If you are familiar with the bands 2014 release, you will know what to expect here. They deliver the music in the same fashion. You can see the confidence building with the band with the music this go around. they don't shy away from doing what they want to do.  I predicted in my previous album review that this band could become the next big thing. I stand by that with this release. This is an enjoyable listen that could be recommended to fans of any end of the genre. It is a memorable listen and further cements my adoration for their music!
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