Avelion-Illusion of Transparency   ©2017  Revalve  Records
​Here is a pretty decent release with a lot going on in it. The album has many progressive elements to it and has a much more modern sound. You also have some electronic sounds in it and an almost mechanized feel at points. Never getting lost in all of this is the melodic part of melodic progressive metal. There is a decent complexity to this album that also includes the subject material. The music has heavier moments at times but sustains the progressive tag throughout the listen. The band hails from Italy and have released 2 ep's to date with 'Illusion of Transparency' being their first full length studio album. It's apparent theat the band is gaining momentum. The crossover in sound with their being metal influences as well as some djent elements makes for a fair amount of appeal to a possible wider audience. Good record that shows promise!
Release Date:  April 7, 2017
House of Lords-Saint of the Lost Souls    ©2017  Frontiers Records 
​House of Lords latest album 'Saint of the Lost Souls' is the bands tenth studio record and follows the trend of the last few albums. The bands previous release 'Indestructible' was one of my very favorites of that year, making me look very forward to this new release. This record as mentioned retains the sound fans have come to know and offers up a decent collection of melodic hard rock songs. There is once again a decent mix of heavier stuff and more melodic tracks. The band obviously doesn't try to reinvent themselves, but stays more in the songwriting area that has worked so well for quite a long time now. My verdict on this one, it's a good record once again. I lean a bit more to 'Indestructible' as being a bit better, but this is still a very good release by a very solid band. We've come to expect great things from House of Lords and once again they deliver!
Release Date:  March 24, 2017
One Desire-One Desire  ©2017  Frontiers Records
​Looking back at bands through the years, many have amazing debut albums. You can now add One Desire to that list. It is quite amazing in the year 2017 to hear an album that embraces so many influences from the past. What you have with this great debut is a stunning collection of melodic hard rock material that really sets the bar quite high for the genre early in the year. Kind of odd having a band that is virtually unknown to many to be the one setting the tone. There is a huge melodic sound to this record with some of my more favorite tracks being 'Falling Apart' and the album closer 'This is Where the Heartbreak Begins. Probably my favorite tune is also the heaviest song titled 'Buried Alive'. This record is getting a lot of hype and deservedly so. In my opinion, this will be in contention for my favorite melodic hard rock releases of the year. Essential!
Release Date:  March 24, 2017
Eclipse-Monumentum   ©2017  Frontiers Records
​There are a few bands in recent years that I have stumbled onto that a feel are leading the pack. Bands that continually add to the scene and tend to lead by example. Eclipse is one of those bands. Release after release shows why these guys are one of the more elite bands on the scene today. 'Monumentum' is just what fans of the band will expect. A great platter of catchy melodic hard rockers that display very good amounts of flash throughout. The album is one of those that starts off well and with each listen, it gets better and better. It's been a good year so far for the melodic rock genre and bands such as Eclipse contribute to the reason why. 'Momentum' should make plenty of best of lists come the end of the year. It's consistent with the bands sound of the last few records and offers up a solid consistent listen. Easy recommend once again!
Release Date:  March 24, 2017
Night Ranger-Don't Let Up   ©2017  Frontiers Records
​Looking at Night Ranger over the past few years one would think the title of their latest record is very appropriate. 'Don't Let Up' is exactly what they are doing, not letting up on the momentum they have created with the past few releases. It seems like we just got done reviewing the bands recent live package and bam, a new studio record. While this may be a more modern Night Ranger sound, the core of the bands sound as always is still intact. The songwriting formula is once again used with this latest batch of 11 tracks and the results are worthy. Good rockers are evident and as per their winning formula, a few more ballad styled tracks grace the listen as well. Night Ranger are a gifted band. They have done very well and have nothing left to prove. Even with that being said they continually offer up great melodic hard rock music! Good record!
Release Date:  March 24, 2017