Reapter-Cymatics  ©2016 Revalve Records
​I've mentioned it a few times, but this has been a great year for heavy music and thrash. One band that shouldn't get lost in all of the great metal stuff being released is Italy based Reapter. 'Cymatics' is a very cool album for a few different reasons. First is the big riffs. This area tends to be memorable and very catchy. Good thrash oriented riffing. Also, I love the progressive influence in this record. This isn't your normal progressive element, but more of a Iron Maiden style progression. This band mean business and have put together a very solid power metal masterpiece! Recommended!
Release Date:  September 23, 2016
Pretty Maids-Kingmaker    ©2016 Frontiers Records 
​So It really amazes me out how much energy and creativity Pretty Maids still has in them. 'Kingmaker' is the band's latest metal offering and sounds amazing as usual. Some of the bands previous albums stood out to me for a variety of different reasons. This album to me has a perfect blend of melody and intensity which has really been a big reason why this band has lasted so long and done so well. This album to me is a complete listen. It packs a lot of power but also has enough of a memorable feel to have you wanting to keep coming back to it. Very easy recommend! One of the years best!
Release Date:  November 4, 2016
Graham Bonnet Band-The Book  ©2016 Frontiers Records
​Back in my early rock days, when I literally had just a couple of dozen albums, Alcatrazz was one of the bands that I was into and listened to quite a bit. It's good so many years later to see Graham Bonnet still releasing material. The new tracks featured on disc one of this release are pretty much what you would expect from Bonnet. Great melodic hard rock. The second disc is a collection of re-recorded material from his previous bands. Everything on the second disc sounds pretty good. Overall, it's a really decent package from one of rock's legendary vocalists. Definitely worth checking out!
Release Date:  November 4, 2016
Glenn Hughes-Resonate   ©2016 Frontiers Records
​Hughes is another artist that I have a long listening history with. He never seems to disappoint with anything he is involved with. This latest record 'Resonate' has an extremely cool vibe to it. Most of this stuff on this record has a thick sound to it mixed with catchy and memorable elements and Hughes smooth vocal approach.  It's not quite some of the funk oriented stuff that you have heard from him, but there is some of that as well. This is a heavy record in a lot of different ways. It's his solo record number 13 and really shows what a talented singer and songwriter that Hughes is. Great stuff!
Release Date:  November 4, 2016
Dope-Blood Money Part 1   ©2016 Entertainment One
​It's actually been quite some time between Dope releases. With the new album 'Blood Money Part 1' the band have offered up 15 tracks of what you would expect from them. Good heavy modern edge rock with a ton of attitude. At the core of this album you can tell it's Dope, but there are some minor changes. Nothing that you would say would cause this album to be a departure, but there are a few new things here. Obviously this album will find more of an audience in the current heavy scene, but there may be some old school guys like me who dig it as well. Hopefully the next album comes a bit quicker!
Release Date:  October 28, 2016