Iron Savior-Iron Savior
©  1997 Modern Music Records

   Mortifer-If Tomorrow Comes
© 1999 MetalAgen/Valiant Music Productions
The debut album from Iron Savior is also the beginning of the Iron Savior conceptual story that has been continued through 2 sequel albums. The story revolves around the Iron Savior which is a large space vessel controlled by an immortal human brain. I really don't want to delve too much into the actual storyline. Get a copy and follow the story as the album progresses.

Musically, the sound is very solid. European power metal at it's best. The band features Kai Hansen from Gamma Ray along with Piet Sielck, and Thomas Stauch. Various guest musicians in Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) and Dirk Schlachter contribute as well.

The album opens with the powerful 'The Arrival' which forges into the aggressive 'Atlantis Falling'. Displaying great choruses with furious rhythms, you know that this album will be an experience. Iron Savior is not your usual fantasy based power metal band. 'Brave New World' continues the fast pace. This track is one of the best on the disc. 'Iron Savior' slows down, but only to the point of crunch. Still heavy and instantly memorable. 'Riding on fire' is anthemic and very quick. The tune paints a visual and is very enjoyable. Remember what I said before, read along on the story and this visual thing will really stick out. 'Break it up' is the emotional track on the album and comes across heartfelt. 'Assailant' and 'Children of the Wasteland' further the storyline and are similar in tempo. Great crunchy rhythms and bold vocals. 'Protect the Law'  stays consistent and gives up some great choruses. 'Watcher in the Sky' is one of my favorites. Power metal as good as it gets. Very good choruses when necessary and intensity in equal measure Very good balance in songwriting. 'For the World' gets us back to the more frantic pace. Check out the Hansi Kursch vocal duets here. Very regal sounding. 'This Flight Tonight' kicks butt seriously. Yes, this is a Nazareth cover. It is done brilliantly. One thing you will figure out in a hurry about Iron Savior, the cover tunes very well. As an added bonus to the Japanese disc is 'The Rage' by Judas Priest. Another great cover!

Iron Savior is one of the very best power outfits out of Europe these days. Technically, they are very tight and the songwriting is top notch.  This particular album is essential to every metal fans collection. It's a metal classic!
The Russian Metal scene really has built up an army. One would never think there were as many bands as there are.  There are a good portion that are very heavy in nature. Mortifer is one of these. Some of the appeal for me with Mortifer is the sound. They have that late 80's thrash sound so evident in the States in that era.

The album is a bit short, but covers a lot of ground. Grinding rhythms, frantic drumming and some serious snarl in the vocals. These guys sound a bit pissed off.

'If Tomorrow Comes' reminds me of something you might hear on an Exodus record. Fast driving and angry. 'I'm your fear' has some cool guitar work in the rhythm areas. Very heavy. 'Fatality Insane' is one of the best written tunes. Sounds a bit like early 90's Nuclear Assault to me. Same rage evident not to mention the style of rhythms. Continuing in that vein is 'Slave of fate'. Very similar and consistent. 'Crematory's Yard' shakes things up a bit. Like the moody opening. This tune almost sounds alien to the disc. Stylistically, it's a bit different. Sure, it's still heavy, but has a different sound. Has some serious tempo changes. Almost like progressive thrash?? Hmmmm. Never heard that term before. Like this tune alot. 'Sea of Tears'  gets back to the sound of the album. Fast and angry.  'Realm of Shades' is the crunchiest tune on the disc. Grinding rhythms and snarling vocals. 'Don't say Never' shows a completely different side to the band. Softer and more exploratory, but a definite great addition to the album.

One thing to note. The tracks were a bit mixed up. The song I refer to as 'Crematory's Yard' was the only one I am uncertain about. Hope I am right.

The album is pretty cool and will appeal to fans of thrash. I really liked the way the band shook things up here and there in the writing process. Makes the band not so predictable. If you can get your hands on this, you might find it worthy.