tAKiDA-A Perfect World  ©2016 The End Records
​This band showed up on my radar a few years back and I have been a really big fan ever since. This review might be a bit biased as a result, but this album is amazing! The album has a great mix of modern rockers mixed with more melodic songs and all of very high quality. I believe that if this album is promoted right and the right batch of songs get to radio, this band will be as big here in the States as they are in Scandinavia. I would definitely lead off with 'Don't Wait Up' and also make sure to get 'My Dove' in there somewhere. This album is a highly recommended title for fans of great modern rock!
Release Date:  October 14, 2016
Into The Fire- Into The Fire   ©2016 Pavement Entertainment 
​Into The Fire is a band that feature Soil members Tim King and Adam Zadel as well as Will Hunt from Evanescence and Union Underground's Bryan Scott. The music is more modern rock related and has a good catchy feel to it. Nothing gets overly flashy, but the few songs here carry well. There are three tracks total with 'Spit You Out' here twice with the second being an alternate version. I like the sound of this band and would love to hear more in the way of a full length album. It's obviously short, but does get the point across that these guys seem to have good chemistry. Keep an eye on these guys!
Release Date:  September 30, 2016
Heaven Below-Good Morning Apocalypse  ©2016 EMP Label Group
​Some of you may have caught the stellar cover a year or two back of the Rush classic 'Subdivisions'. You knew this band was special just by how well that was done. The band's latest album 'Good Morning Apocalypse' takes the band to even new heights. This album starts off absolutely great and as it progresses into an epic ending as the music continues to evolve as it goes. There really is a lot going on here. Lot's of good guests including Udo and Lita Ford to mention a few. Also, big choruses that include choir vocals all mixed with a huge metal sound. Really is an amazing record and easy recommend!
Release Date:  October 14, 2016
Dirkschneider-Live: Back To The Roots   ©2016 AFM Records
​This latest live album is a goodbye to the Accept chapter and has been a very successful venture for the former frontman. There really was something very special about the era of Accept and Udo nails the track selection perfectly on this set. It is also amazing at how much is really here. The album chimes in at over two hours long and spans around 25 songs total. The usual presentation is great as Udo has become a master at this very thing and knows how to bring the crowd in as a part of the whole experience. This is tremendous bang for the buck and a very fitting way to close out his era with Accept.
Release Date:  October 28, 2016
Existance-Breaking The Rock   ©2016 Black Viper Records
​There are a few bands out there in today's market that still carry the torch of traditional Heavy Metal and Existance is without a doubt one of them. This is the second album we have reviewed and like the first, this one is a nod to the greats such as Judas Priest, or maybe even old school bands like Obsession. I cut my teeth on this sound many years ago and feel that the band once again catches in their music what it was all about. All of the elements including the structure, musicianship and vocals are once again very traditional. This is a solid old school metal record worthy of your time!
Release Date:  October 15, 2016