Death Angel-The Evil Divide  ©2016 Nuclear Blast Records
​I always felt that there was some very under appreciated Thrash bands back in the day, and Death Angel was one of them. In todays market it's bands like this that are putting out the best and most honest stuff. 'The Evil Divide' continues the sound of 'The Dream Calls For Blood' but in my opinion sounds even better. Sometimes things just come together perfectly and this record is amazing stuff. Obviously has more appeal for fans of the more heavy side of metal, but is at it's core an old school Thrash record with blistering riffs and tempo with very good old school vocal work. This to me is very easy to recommend.! Glad we still have bands like this!
Dynazty-Titanic Mass    ©2016 Spinefarm Records 
Somehow I missed this band until this album. Even though I was a bit slow to check them out, really glad I did. To me their sound is a bit reminiscent of Brother Firetribe, but a bit more aggressive in the guitar work. Some of the riffs reminded me of Amaranthe. It's all a really cool mix and a very consistent heavy, yet very melodic record. This type of band defines melodic metal best. Just the right amount of flash and just the right amount of finesse. As I look at the markets around the world and what each has to offer, Sweden is just a hotbed of great talent. Dynazty sounds great and has the proper balance and chemistry. Very solid release!
Hellyeah-Unden!able  ©2016 Eleven Seven Music
​Not sure what it is about Hellyeah that stirs up so much musical controversy. I like this band. They are not Mudvayne and they are also not Damageplan or Pantera. Sure, this album may have  more of a commercial appeal, but I'm looking for enjoyment. This provides that. Todays society tends to hate and persecute. I remember back in the heyday, it was all about having fun. Go into Hellyeah's new album with the right mindset and you'll probably walk away enjoying it. Go into it with comparisons to everybody else and get the opposite. For me, I need something to release with and this album has just the right amount of anger and energy to satisfy!
Lacuna Coil-Delirium   ©2016 Century Media Records
Looks like Lacuna Coil decided to turn things up a notch with their latest release 'Delirium'. There is no doubting that this is Lacuna Coil as the core of the band's sound is very evident. Vocally, it's quite a bit more brash than we have seen recently. There is a decent mix in the vocal work and quite honestly, the overall tone and feel of this album are much heavier. It is also much more dark, but never loses that appeal of the Lacuna Coil sound. What will prove to be interesting is the heavier screaming nature in Andrea's vocals. It's definitely the thing that stands out most when it comes to change. It will be interesting to see where the band goes from here. Heavy record!
Volbeat-Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie   ©2016 Volbeat/ Republic Records
​Volbeat is a band I like quite a bit and due to their influences are a bit different than everyone else. This latest album isn't quite as heavy as some of their previous stuff, but has that very distinctive vibe to it. Most of the tunes are fairly catchy and memorable and I loved the addition of 'Battleship Chains' as a cover. Loved to listen to the Georgia Satellites back in the day and thought this cover was done very tastefully. The album may not be groundbreaking, but does everything have to be? Sometimes you just want to plug in, sing along and have a good time. This record is very good for that.  If you haven't heard Volbeat, check out a video or two. You'll be glad you did!