Flotsam and Jetsam-Flotsam and Jetsam  ©2016 AFM Records
One of the earlier Thrash bands I got into back in the day was this band. I always had a ton of respect for their approach and great songwriting ability. Can't say I have really ever been disappointed by what they have released. To me their stuff is usually great or really great, This year we have seen some very good Thrash records and this is definitely one of the best. There's no doubting who it is with their sound and the album hits on all cylinders in my opinion. You feel the confidence the band has and the delivery is perfect. No filler either. Great platter full of heavy stuff with some of it quite frenzied. Big thumbs up from us as this is how it's done!
Red Tide Rising-Voices    ©2016  Vanity Music Group 
​This latest ep by Colorado based Red Tide Rising is a bit of an angry experience. If you are even a bit familiar with this band you know that they lean to a more modern sound and vocals in areas are a bit more aggressive. There is a decent balance of smooth and aggressive vocal work here however. The ep has 5 total tracks all of which are quite consistent with each other. The presentation feels like a complete listen even if it is a bit short. We took a listen to their last album and I feel it's safe to say there is good growth and potential within this band.  For fans looking for a more modern metal, this one might be up your alley! Keep an eye on these guys !
Twenty-Second Dimension-Twenty-Second Dimension  ©2016 Pavement Entertainment
​Every now and then something comes along that catches your attention. You're not quite sure about it initially, but as you continue to listen it grows. As it grows it becomes apparent to you that this is a great listen even if it is a short listen. That is Twenty Second Dimension. A modern sounding metal bound with a killer groove and just enough flash to keep your attention. This ep leaves me wanting more. I like the bands sound and this short album consisting of 5 great tracks feels like a taster of things to come. Here's to hoping it doesn't take too long to get a full length album. This band could make a lot of noise in time. Solid stuff!
Dead Till Dark-Dead Till Dark   ©2016 Pavement Entertainment
​As I made my way through this latest 7 track album from Dead Till Dark, I felt that it was familiar for some reason. It has a very cool groove to it and the music was memorable instantly. I was trying to place who it reminded me of. After some thought, it feels to me like it's a mix of something Zakk Wylde would do mixed with Volbeat. With that comparison you'll understand why it has a cool vibe. There aren't a ton of acts out there that have this type of sound so in ways it comes across as sounding fresh. Even though in ways it sounds more modern, there is an obvious old school element to it as well. I think this is definitely worthy of a metal fans time!
Art Nation-Revolution   ©2015 AOR Heaven
We definitely missed this one as it came out last year. Fans of the band Diamond Dawn will be familiar with vocalist Alexander Strandell. After his departure from that band, here's where he landed. This is an amazing melodic hard rock album to say the least. If you were a fan of any of the melodic hard rock stuff from the eighties, you are definitely going to want to check this one out. It amazes me how prevelant this style has remained overseas for so long now. This album is great start to finish and is very consistent. Back in the day any number of songs off of this album would have been chart toppers. This is definitely recommended!