Metal Church-XI  ©2016 Rat Pak Records
​A while back I remember digging around to see what ever happened to Mike Howe and what the prospects would be for him eventually rejoining one of my favorite bands Metal Church. At the time it didn't look promising. Fast forward to 2015 and it was made official. Now it was just the anticipation of the record. That is now upon us and after a listen or two I came away quite happy. Good heavy riffing with Howe's great vocal work. The band has great chemistry with Howe and I think everyone will be pretty happy with the results. It was a long time coming and glad it happened. Solid record as usual!
Candlebox-Disappearing in Airports    ©2016 Pavement Entertainment 
​It had been quite some time since I had checked out Candlebox. I was a really big fan of the bands first record. I wasn't as big of a fan of the couple that followed unfortunately. The bands upcoming release however is quite good. The music is definitely Candlebox and will be geared to fans that like that style of rock. I feel that the band have created something with equal appeal to today's listener as well as older fans. It's hard to believe the first record has been around as long as it has. This latest addition to their catalog offers more good and melodic rock songs that should entice lots of music fans!
Thunderstone-Apocalypse Again  ©2016 AFM Records
​If you are looking for a really good melodic power metal style record, this is definitely one to check out. The band fit in well with the many bands in the European style that embrace precision musicianship with good melodies and upbeat and often quick tempos. Songs are what it is all about and the band have offered up a lot to like on this latest record. The music is delivered well with the larger portion being memorable. This  release will be an easy recommend to fans of melodic metal. The record has a great vibe and feels confident overall. Glad the band is still churning out great heavy music!
Delain-Lunar Prelude   ©2016 Napalm Records
​Delain continues to push the momentum they have attained so far. 'Lunar Prelude' is a short ep styled record with a combination of new, live, and different version batch of songs. 'Suckerpunch' is a good song and continues the direction of what the band have been doing. The newer versions of songs such as 'Don't Let Go' sound good as well. If you like Live stuff, there are some good live tracks that are also good selections out of the band's catalog. The album closer is an orchestral version of 'Suckerpunch' Just as described and shows the band isn't afraid to do things there way. Decent!
Orden Ogan-The Book of Ogan   ©2016 AFM Records
​This package is absolutely huge bang for your buck. The set contains 4 discs that include a couple of full live shows, promo videos, a documentary, a couple of cd's chock full of greatest hits and demo stuff. All of this in a hardbound 40 page book packaging. The DVD stuff clocks in around 6 hours just to give you an idea. The rare music on the second CD is the 'Testimonium a.d.' demo from 2004. Fans have sought after this particular recording and the band decided to get this included as a bonus. Orden Ogan is a great band and this is an amazing set to add to your collection. Very unique band!