Human Fortress-Thieves Of The Night  ©2016 AFM Records
​For some reason we kind of lost track of this band. We looked at their debut album many years ago, but hadn't really checked much out since. Fast forward to 'Thieves of the Night'. Very good power metal sound with songs that have memorable choruses and good musicianship. The current lineup seems to have good chemistry which is always important. Fans that like bands somewhere between a 'true metal' sound and maybe a bit of the melodic speed metal type stuff that has been so prevalent in the scene for years now are going to find quite a bit to like with this latest effort. Solid! 
MarysCreek-Infinity    ©2016 Escape Music 
​This new album was one of my more anticipated releases coming into 2016. We love the e.p. that we reviewed last year and was ready for more. This album didn't disappoint at all. More of what I had come to expect from a great band. It's odd, if you listen closely to the sound here, it had me thinking of a mix of Kamelot and The Poodles. Production is great, probably a step up from the previous e.p. This album is chock full of good songs with a great amount of melody. It does retain a heavy edge which was expected. Definitely one of my favorites this year. Good job guys! Easy recommend here!
The Cult-Hidden City  ©2016 The Cult Recording Inc.
​Been listening to The Cult for a very long time now. Being a long time fan and really a fan of the bands sound for the few albums 'Electric' and forward, That sound is what I am always looking for. This album is definitely The Cult. It may not be 'Electric', but does have its own cool vibe and that unmistakable sound the band has. Through their career I have rarely been disappointed by anything to this point and this one doesn't disappoint either. It's a solid record with the bands trademark sound throughout. It helps to be a fan as their sound is fairly unique, but overall, I like this record!
Adelitas Way-Getaway   ©2016 Fuel Music
​One of the more modern bands I tend to follow album to album is Adelitas Way. With the release of their latest album 'Getaway' I can say that this is firmly entrenched as my second favorite album behind 'Home School Valedictorian'. This album once again has great memorable songs, but what really got me this time around was the guitar tone and overall style. The album flows very well, but gets very strong in my opinion in the second half. The guitar playing is nuts. This album has been getting a lot of play time and will continue to due to its strength of songs. Another easy recommend!
Circus Maximus-Havoc   ©2016 Frontiers Records
​Circus Maximus is quickly becoming one of the more elite bands of the progressive genre. What I find interesting is that this band are kind of putting their own unique perspective of the genre instead of trying to mimic others. Sure, you'll hear things here and there that will remind you of others, but make no mistake when you listen to their sound, this is Circus Maximus. Great songs once again that in a lot of ways showcase the vocals. The music overall has a great melodic sound and their really isn't anything I would consider as filler. Overall it's just a great record once again from a top notch band!