Megadeth-Dystopia  ©2016 Megadeth Inc.
​With every Megadeth release there seems to be excitement and at the same time, quite a bit of criticism. Everyone seems to want a certain album sound from the past. Well, after listening to 'Dystopia' it isn't  comparable to just one era of the band. As a matter of fact I hear many different elements from different eras. This attribute makes this a very fun record to listen to. Don't over think it, just enjoy it. The album also features new members Kiko Loureiro on guitars and Chris Adler on drums. There's a ton of energy and attitude on this record. Grab it and develop your own opinion! Mine...Very solid!
Beseech-My Darkness, Darkness    ©2016 Despotz Records 
​Became a fan of Gothic styled sounds quite some time ago. Always liked the cross of the more dark tones mixed with a certain finesse or clarity in sound. I keep my eye out for bands of this genre and found some really good music along the way. Beseech is of this nature and has some decent sounding music on this record. The band features both male and female vocals and displays the atmospheric style that the genre is known for. The music never gets overly heavy and settles on a bit more subdued approach which works well for this genre. If you dig Gothic rock, this might be for you.
Serenity-Codex Atlanticus  ©2016 Napalm Records
​For one reason or another I have been missing this bands releases until this latest release, and I can tell you that it was a big mistake. Very high quality symphonic metal that to me, especially this album, reminds me of Kamelot mixed with earlier Within Temptation. Great orchestration mixed with stunning vocal work and solid musicianship. The songs are really good with some of the best in my opinion being the bonus stuff. This is a complete album that has me looking into the bands previous catalog. Really glad I gave this one a shot and without a doubt it comes highly recommended!
Nordic Union-Nordic Union   ©2016 Frontiers Records
​There have been some really good collaborations with the artists over at Frontiers Records. This one is one of my more favorites. Always have been a big fan of Pretty Maids and we get Ronnie Atkins singing on this record. More recently I have been enjoying Eclipse as well as W.E.T. which featured Erik Martensson who handles the guitar, bass, and keyboard duties here. You could make the case that this record sounds like either member's main band. What this definitely is is a great melodic hard rock record. The band set the bar high with this one for this year. Great record!
Wigelius-Tabula Rasa   ©2016 AOR Heaven Records
​Grabbed the bands previous record some time back and remember liking the bands melodic sound. I definitely was anticipating the release of this new album and it certainly didn't disappoint. This one is very melodic and memorable. In ways the band remind me a bit of Giant. The songs on this record if it were about three decades ago would have shot to the top of the charts and made this band a household name. Even today there is a certain fresh feel to the music. Very upbeat sounds that will leave you feeling great. If you haven't stumbled on to these guys yet and like melodic rock, grab this!