Queensrÿche-Condition Hüman  ©2015 Century Media Records
​Two in a row. I'm so happy to have the band performing at levels that they were many years ago. Since the addition of Todd LaTorre, the band have returned to that vintage sound that offered up some of the best progressive tinged albums out there. This album to me goes up a notch from the previous self titled album which was brilliant. You get flashes of different era's of the band and it all works so well. There has been much discussion amongst the fans over the songwriting through the years, but at this point it doesn't matter. This is the band back in their fine form. Absolutely recommended!
Graveshadow-Nocturnal Resurrection    ©2015 Mausoleum Records 
​Female fronted symphonic sounding metal band that has both clean vocals and screams. If you don't mind that sort of vocal work there is some decent stuff on this album. You would also be surprised to find out that this band hails from Sacramento, California as they would fit in great with the scene in Europe. The Doctor Who inspired track 'Blink' features Primal Fear frontman Ralf Scheepers who is a great guest to have. The album overall has a visual aspect to it and the music has a confidence about it. If you are into deeper songwriting that paints many visuals, this one is for you!
Forever Still-Tied Down  ©2016 Forever Still
​Here's a band you may want to put on your radar come January. Forever Still hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and are female fronted. Musically, the band has a more modern edge to them. They have been making some noise on the scene and in my opinion if word gets out, should make quite a bit more. Songs are great and pretty memorable. Not sure who I would compare them to but they would be somewhere between Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation. There is a definite finesse to the music, but you also get some rage in places. A very good release even if you need to wait for a bit to get it!
Gama Bomb-Untouchable Glory   ©2015 AFM Records
​You gotta love this band. They play it more old school than some of the old school. Rhythm's are straight outta the late 80's with a frenzied pace that dominates the record. The songs overall are fairly short and to the point. The album is inspired by vintage Kung Fu movies and comes across as frantic as the Kung Fu moves themselves. This album is speed metal or thrash or whatever and it doesn't compromise at all. No ballads or slow stuff. It's full throttle start to finish and has some great retro qualities to it. Having been a fan in the era of the late 80's thrash, I found a lot to like here.  
Junkstars-This Means War   ©2015 Despotz Records
​It's interesting to see the influence of bands that were so prominent back in the days I was cutting teeth on the sounds of punk and metal on the bands of today such as Sweden's Junkstars. This band nails it perfectly on creating a hybrid of punk and hard rock. The music on 'This Means War' is raw and in your face. The crossover appeal of the band's sound allows them to grab many fans from different genres. Apparently this album was pounded out in 5 days with great results. It sounds honest and to the point. Whether it be punk or just rock, this one could be for fans of both. Good raw record!