Motörhead-Bad Magic  ©2015 UDR
​What more can be said after such a lengthy and consistent career that Motörhead has had? You pretty much know what to expect with the release of each album. Gritty no holds barred rock and roll with a punch in the mouth. The latest 'Bad Magic' is solid as usual and to me has a great dynamic to it. With as long as this band has been doing this you would think they would have run out of ideas long ago. Not so. Very consistent Motörhead sounding material on this record. With the latest health issues of the legendary Lemmy Kilmister, I hope there is more to come and wishing the band well! Great stuff!
The Secret VI-Mixed Episode   ©2015 Vanity Digital Music/Vanity Music Group 
​This may be a short 3 track ep, but it packs a wallop. This band to me is definitely one to keep an eye on. Very diverse music is offered up with 'Mixed Episode'. Everything from a more mainstream sound with 'Plastic Smile' to a bit of an electronica and hard driving mix with 'You're All Bark' to finishing out a bit more aggressive. After checking out the 3 tracks, I was left wishing there was more. With that being said, I will be keeping my eye on this band. I like things a bit different from time to time and this one was really short, but really cool!
Cats in Space-Too Many Gods  ©2015 Harmony Factory/Cargo Records
​Having grown up in the 70's, I remember the sounds well. This album is an absolute blast from the past.  There are obvious influences from 70's acts such as Queen or maybe even Cheap Trick. As I made multiple listens through this album, you could sense not only how great the songwriting is, but how right Cats in Space got it. It makes you feel like you are living in a different era for the time that this album plays. Looking at some of the retro sounding releases of 2015, this is one of the best if not the best. I know this one will get plenty of listening time. If you like your music with a classic feel, get this!
Federal Charm-Across the Divide   ©2015 Wire-Sound/Cargo Records
​More classic rock sound with a good infusion of the Blues. 'Across the Divide' is a pretty good listen that had me at times thinking classic Bad Company or even flashes of Led Zeppelin. With the Blues element this band has it's easy to draw those comparisons. The music sounds very confident to me. The band is obviously very proficient in their musicianship, but where this really shines is in the songwriting. It has that classic feel mentioned and sounds genuine. I love it when bands come along with a record like this. Bucking the trends and keeping it honest in this day is something to be proud of. Solid!
21Octayne-2.0   ©2015 AFM Records
​Sophomore effort from AFM Records artist 21Octayne. After listening to '2.0' I came away admiring the diversity of the music. There is alot here for many different types of fans. Plentiful with rockers such as the album opener 'Devil in Disguise' or 'Fly With Me'. The album really varies with tracks like the groove rocker 'The Circle' and the more progressive sounding album closer 'Tale of a Broken Child'. Something I found myself doing with this release was really focusing on the musicianship. These guys are really solid in that department. Good songs and great presentation. Recommended!