Disturbed-Immortalized  ©2015 Reprise Records
After a hiatus of several years, Disturbed returns with 'Immortalized'. In terms of sound, this record continues more in the tradition of what the band has been doing for the last few records. A power metal sound and the unmistakable vocal work of David Draiman. While I have heard a few who wished that the new album was geared towards the sound of the first 2 records, I think this is over thinking things. There is no mistaking Disturbed. I come away happy with each album and have been there since the first album. This is a solid power metal record that has that definite Disturbed flare to it.
John Taglieri-True Believer   ©2015 Leap Dog Music/Vanity Music Group
Been reviewing John Taglieri music for a long time now. Through the years John has shown the ability to grow in his sound and try different things. What was obvious with his latest ep was the fact he was going full circle. I was always a big fan of his album 'Leap of Faith' and in ways you can see a return. Good guitar licks and an overall cool vibe permeate this new music. Even with the guitar drive of this album, you never lose Taglieri's trademark melodic sound. While I like most of what John does, this is where I think he excels the most. Solid straight forward hard rock and roll. Recommended!
Pop Evil-Up  ©2015 Entertainment One Music
​Became a fan of Pop Evil with the 'War of Angels' album a few years back. Been following the band ever since. The latest record has a different vibe to it. It still has that Pop Evil core to it, but has a bit of a different groove to it. It's been a bit mixed so far from what I can tell when it comes to the fans. Me personally, I enjoy music and try to not get too caught up in what I think a band should be doing. It comes down to whether I like it or not. I like the overall vibe of this record and will go back to it as I have the others. Sure, it's different in ways, but still enjoyable. Go in with an open mind and enjoy!
Gus G-Brand New Revolution   ©2015 Century Media
​Here's a flashy metal record for you. A lot of fans are going to recognize Gus G from his work with Ozzy and maybe other acts such as Firewind or Dream Evil. This guy is very proficient in his playing but as this record shows, his songwriting is pretty damn good too. Lots of good guests appear such as Elize Ryd and Jeff Scott Soto or even Mats Leven. The music is enjoyable to listen to and this album doesn't come across as self indulgence. It's strongest asset is the songs themselves. If you haven't checked out Gus G's solo work, you ought to. It's a very even album with a decent amount of old school flash.
Saint Asonia-Saint Asonia   ©2015 RCA Records
​I am relatively new to Adam Gontier as I never paid much attention to Three Days Grace. Maybe I'm one of the few. I checked out Saint Asonia via Youtube and liked the bands heavy vibe in their sound. Enough to grab a copy of the album and find quite a bit to enjoy here. The music is obviously modern edged and does have a decent amount of melody and flash to it. Some of the songs lean a bit more crushing due to the really heavy wall of sound such as tracks like 'Blow Me Wide Open'. 'Fairy Tale' is another memorable track with a cool groove. Good modern rock sound and record!