House of Lords-Indestructible  ©2015 Frontiers Records
This band is absolutely hitting on all cylinders. With each album, the quality is top notch and doesn't seem to dip at all. I was quite surprised at how quick this album followed the previous gem 'Precious Metal'. For that amount of time between, this album is stunning. The heavy stuff is in your face and the melodic stuff is amazing as well. Everything here has that House of Lords finesse to it. Polished in ways and at the same time a good amount of attitude. I don't even hesitate with this band. They have become one of my favorites and with their consistency, you know it's going to be good! Solid!
Damn Dice-The Great Unknown   ©2015 Damn Dice LTD 
Pretty good release for fans who like their music in the vein of Skid Row or Guns n' Roses, but with a bit more glam in the vocals. This album has a good vibe and I like how the music on the album grows in intensity, before tapering a little towards the end. The band to me sound confident. In the domestic scene and a different time era, this album would be gaining a lot of traction. Anyway, fair amount of attitude, intensity, and an overall good flow are what this album is made of. Good band that will definitely appeal to us old school fans and maybe grab a few more younger fans along the way!
Beauvoir/Free-American Trash  ©2015 Frontiers Records
​Been a fan of Crown of Thorns for quite awhile now. Jean Beauvoir writes some great sounding stuff in my opinion. This collaboration with Micki Free is really good. The music has a very cool groove to it combined with a decent amount of melody. This album is complete when it comes to the overall listen. I've been through it a few times now and never had the urge to skip anything on it. Their are good songs and really good songs. In other words, all killer with no filler. I would love to see these guys get a bit more attention here domestically. Another favorite of mine and an easy recommend!
Trixter-Human Era   ©2015 Frontiers Records
​Latest release from the melodic hard rockers. This record will definitely appeal to Trixter fans and melodic hard rock fans alike. Back in the day when this band broke out and became popular, I think some crowds didn't take them seriously. Years later it's obvious that this is a good band with good songwriting potential. They cater to the mainstream melodic rock crowd and have a very good sound. I remember liking the last record as well. The sound to me is a classic late 80's sound with today's technology. I like the artwork on this album as well. A vision of better days and bands like these keep it alive!
Lorø-Lorø   ©2015 Red Sound Records
​Interesting instrumental release that also features some very unique packaging as far as the physical disc goes. Hand assembled and limited CD package. The actual music on this release has a bit of distortion and a psychadelic feel in ways. Without vocal work, the music relies on a great deal of atmosphere and a variety of different sounds to convey its message. This may not be geared toward the mainstream rock crowd, but fans of a bit more progressive oriented alternative hard rock sounds will probably like this record. It's pretty creative and the addition of a retro feel here and there are cool.