Max Pie-Odd Memories  ©2015 Mausoleum Records
This album is intense. Primarily progressive in nature, but has a pretty decent power metal element. Almost like a Dream Theater and Iced Earth mix. This album took a few listens for me, but then it hit like a cannonball. Very solid in all areas. 'Odd Memories' is the bands third release to date and combines a mostly heavy atmosphere, but at times you get some finesse like the track 'Hold On' . The band would fit in with a lot of progressive bands that tend to do well in the States and it would be cool to see them on a tour bringing their great sounds. Give this one a look if you like solid power prog metal!
Degreed-Dead But Not Forgotten  ©2015 Sun Hill Production 
Third album from this very solid melodic hard rock band. I absolutely love this release. Everything about it. Musically the band is very tight and full of talent. I really like the rich tones and polished sound each track offers. The songwriting is top notch with really no bad songs in my opinion.  The band kept the production in house which offers complete creative control of everything. The results are stunning. I would recommend doing this every time as this is easily one of my favorites of the year. If you haven't checked this band out, we highly recommend them and this new album! Essential!
Sammy Hagar & The Circle-At Your Service  ©2015 Mailboat Records
​Pretty good lineup in this band. Jason Bonham joins Hagar, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson for a live show that showcases not only Hagar solo era classics, but Van Halen and Led Zeppelin material as well. The band sounds great and the show has good energy as always. I've seen Sammy Hagar a few times and it's always a good time. I would love to see this lineup take a shot at some new material. I'm certain that the music would be great. This album is a 2 disc set and the one thing I would love as always would be a companion DVD to catch the visuals. Pretty cool set list.
Helloween-My God-Given Right   ©2015 Nuclear Blast Records
​A lot of energy displayed on this album. Musically, this is exactly what fans would expect from the band. Good melodic speed metal songs with a memorability factor.  Personal favorites include 'Lost in America', 'Creatures in Heaven', 'If God Loves Rock 'n Roll' and 'Wicked Game'. The latter is a bonus track on the album, but is one of the best on the album. Always loved the bands ability to be explosive. Good melodies throughout the album give the music good balance. Overall, I think the band did a great job with this album. I've like this band for a long time, and albums like this are the reason why!
Armored Saint-Win Hands Down   ©2015 Metal Blade Records
​One of the earliest bands I got into upon discovering metal was Armored Saint. This band knows how to get it done when writing albums. The early stuff was good as is the bands complete catalog. The only thing that would make it better is to get the albums a little quicker, but that's just a minor point. This latest album is amazing. The band is as tight as ever and John Bush sounds incredible. Hasn't lost anything with the years. This is a complete album. It only has 9 tracks, but it's 9 damn good tracks. Keep it coming guys. You get respect from us, the fans as you never sacrifice your ideals. Recommended!