Kamelot-Haven  ©2015 Kamelot Music
​Very smooth release that has that core Kamelot sound that fans have come to expect. Second album to feature Tommy Karevik. The album overall has a pretty decent intensity, but has an obvious finesse mixed in. Good amount of polish. This band has become one of the best of their genre and this album further displays their talent. I was happy with the video for 'Insomnia' and upon checking out the rest of the music found a good consistency. Good heavier stuff and the more melodic tunes are equally well done.  Check out 'Under Grey Skies' which features Charlotte Wessels and Troy Donockley!
Darkology-Fated To Burn   ©2015 Prime Eon Media 
​So you like it heavy with soaring vocals and lots of guitar. You may want to check out Darkology. This band is definite power metal with all of the fundamentals that make a great album. The album was mixed by Chris Tsangerides who has mixed some of my favorite metal albums such as 'Painkiller' by Judas Priest. In my opinion, this band is one of the best new power metal acts that hit on all cylinders. 'Fated to Burn is the band's second full length release with a tour ep released between. Folks, this is great metal music. At times I was thinking Obsession, other times Judas Priest. Excellent!
The Magic Lightnin' Boys-The Magic Lightnin' Boys  ©2015 Bottled Lightnin'  Records
​One of the styles I have liked for a long time now is the Blues. The Magic Lightnin' Boys are very Blues driven with a plethora of other influences mixed in. When a musician wants to convey some form of emotion, there is no better way to do it then through this style of music. I have always said that Blues flows right from the soul. This record will be geared more to those who embrace more laid back Blues style rock. Overall, the album sounds really good. My favorite tracks are 'Couple Skate and the album closer 'Stones Throw'. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion!
Exorcism-World In Sin   ©2015 Dream Records
​This ep from Exorcism takes off where the bands previous full length 'I Am God' left off. A very good dose of Dio or Martin era Sabbath in this bands sound. This is a great thing, believe me. Although this album only offers 5 tracks, it's all about quality, not quantity here. Nothing weak on this ep. Csaba Zvekan is definitely keeping things interesting between Exorcism and Metal Machine. You could say he is setting the bar or even raising it for the Metal genre. This short release is worth your time as was the first album. Good doom sound mixed with the necessary melody really drive this one. Solid!
Oblivious Signal-Exordium   ©2015 Pavement Entertainment
​Solid female fronted modern metal band. While the album has a good hard driving sound, it seems to go more for mood or atmosphere then it does flash. The band is tight and vocal work sounds great.  Vocals are clean with some screams used in the background.  I like the depth that is prevalent in the bands sound. Looking back through the years, debut albums tend to be good and this one is no exception. It's obvious that Oblivious Signal can deliver and have the ambition to take it to the next level. Let's just hope everyone is paying attention as it wouldn't be cool to see a band like this passed over!