Blackwelder-Survival of the Fittest  ©2015 Goldencore Records/ZYX Music
​If you are familiar with Seven Seraphim, this is going to interest you. Andrew Szucs basically evolved that band into Blackwelder and added in some very proficient members including Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear. The music has an obvious power metal foundation, but also incorporates a fair amount of progressive feel to it as well. It's hard to figure out what to bring to the scene these days, but what always seems to work is great songwriting. Blackwelder has great songs that will appeal to traditional metal fans that like it heavy but with a bit more sophistication. Recommended! 
Worldview-The Chosen Few   ©2015 M24 Music Group 
​'The Chosen Few' is one of those albums that doesn't hit immediately, but when it does, it makes sure you don't forget it. There is a lot to like here. Great musicianship, great vocals, and really at the core, great songs.The band is termed melodic metal which is accurate. There are some really cool sounds fused into the album. 'Mortality' makes this point clear right away. There is a fair amount of depth on this record due to the way the songs are structured.  I found the album to be a very good listen and one that bears repeated listens. Great guest musicians on this one as well. Really solid effort. 
Ice Blue-Back to the Light  ©2015 RockCD Records
​This band has been around for quite some time and have just recently released their second full length record. The music has insane amounts of melody. To me it's very similar to some of the better 80's melodic rock artists in terms of sound. Very clean sounding with great songs. The band is female fronted and based out of Spain. The first single for the album is also the opener for the album , 'The Light of This World'.  What really draws me into this band is their sound. Having been listening to many genres through the years, this sound is familiar and just sounds good. Definitely check them out!
Romeo's Daughter-Spin   ©2015 RD Records
​'Spin' is the fourth album from Romeo's Daughter and it offers up a great melodic hard rock album. For those unaware, the band is female fronted and the members have been in some larger bands of various genres. Very seasoned musicians. You would expect a veteran feel coming from a band like this and that is exactly what you get.  The album has a fairly uniform feel with some cool groove oriented songs like the opening track 'Touch'. This album has a ton of melody throughout which offers up an instantly memorable listen. If you like a more melodic sound, this one is an easy recommend!
Van Halen- Live: Tokyo Dome in Concert  ©2015 RWTD, LLC/ Rhino
​Been a long time coming for a live album with original frontman David Lee Roth. This is a nice package with a pretty good setlist. The band's classic tracks are represented very well here. Everything sounds good with one minor exception. Vocals are a bit rough. If this is a detraction in any way you may want to pass on this. As far as my own opinion, I've been a fan of the band for a very long time now and just listening to how tight the band is is worth it. I've seen many differing opinions on this album out there. My advice, check out samples from wherever you can and decide for yourself.