One Way Mirror-Capture  ©2015 Pavement Entertainment
​Solid new album from French Metal act One Way Mirror. Can't say I had heard this band before this album, but came away pretty happy. The bands sound leans a bit more modern with some of the vocal work being a bit more aggressive, but this music is instantly memorable in my opinion. While there is a definite heavy tone throughout, this album has a definite catchy appeal to it. Good examples would be 'The Clock is Ticking' and 'Tomorrow comes Fast'.  There is no reason in my opinion why this band shouldn't break wide open in the States if given the chance. Very solid listen!
Profane and the Sacred-Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming   ©2015 Cargo Records 
​This album features a good helping of stoner rock. There are so many classifications out there and sometimes it can get confusing. Similar acts to this band as mentioned in their bio would be C.O.C. without a doubt, and also Down and Orange Goblin. Being a C.O.C. fan myself, I can see where the comparison is correct. Good chunky tuned down rhythms with an overall raw feel. I'm sure this album would be easy to translate to the live show. The music has a uniformity to it and a few of the songs clock in at over 7 minutes. You can tell there was decent effort put into this album! 
Savage Machine-Through the Iron Forest  ©2015 Savage Machine
​This six track album that is just about to street is worth checking out especially if you are a fan of a more traditional metal sound. Savage Machine hail from Denmark and have a definite NWOBHM sound to their music.  The band toured for the first few years in their local scene as Momentum, but decided on Savage Machine instead. The album was officially released a few months back. There are a couple of videos up on Youtube from this release. It's always cool to see new bands embrace this more traditional metal sound in today's market. Definitely give this band a listen and hope to see more soon!
Furyon-Lost Salvation   ©2015 Dream Records/Cargo Records
​Another solid release early into 2015. If the quality of the music on Furyon's latest album is any indication of what's in store for 2015, we are in for a very good year. The album is very smooth in its delivery. Good musicianship abounds here and the album has a nice even listen start to finish. You can feel the discipline in this release. I felt after listening to the album that it was a complete listen with no need to skip anything. I think for the most part, rock and metal are in a decent place if you know where to look. Be sure to give this one a go. It's all about the music here and comes off very smooth!
Audrey Horne-Pure Heavy   ©2014 Napalm Records
​Well damn. If you are looking for a very good classic rock sound in today's market, look no further than Audrey Horne and their latest platter 'Pure Heavy'. I hear a variety of influences in this band and on this album like Thin Lizzy and due to some of the guitar work, classic Iron Maiden. The music takes you back in terms of sound to maybe the late 70's or early 80's. I really get a kick out of the band videos such as 'Holy Roller' or 'Out of the City' which can both be checked out via Youtube. If looking for a more classic sound, this one is a gem. Also check out their earlier album 'Youngblood'.