Amaranthe-Massive Addictive   ©2014 Spinefarm Records
​Amaranthe is gaining a lot of traction as they progress along their musical career. Their latest effort overall is pretty catchy stuff. Instantly memorable tracks such as the lead off single 'Drop Dead Cynical' will have a lot of appeal to many different fans in my opinion. Good heavy riffs mixed with some electronic influences and some cool vocal work from the bands three different vocalists offering varying vocal styles. I believe the album has been received well to this point and should gain even more fans if the promotion is there and word gets out. Definitely a fun release to listen to.
Metal Machine-Free Nation   ©2014 Dream Records 
​'Free Nation' is about as metallic as it gets when it comes to a metal record. Think Judas Priest in their heyday and crank it a notch or two and you have Metal Machine. The album is consistent in its tone and intensity. Soaring vocals and heavy riffing abound. Metal Machine is Csaba Zvekan. Handling the duties and writing the music showcases the talent of Zvekan. Metal fans who have been longing for a more traditional power metal release will have alot to like here. Metal has always been about excess and pushing the limits, and Metal Machine has done just that. Keep an eye on this band in the future!
Billy Idol-Kings & Queens of the Underground  ©2014 BFI/Kobalt Records
​Been a fan of Idol for a very long time now. His latest album is really good in my opinion and in some areas sounds a bit like his classic stuff, maybe more then it has in some time. There is a smoothness to each song and while not much ever gets very heavy, but there is some flashy moments that fans have come to expect. I was able to hear a little bit of this at the concert a year and a half ago and really liked what was played at the show. Just took awhile to get the album, but am very happy with the overall feel of this record. If this quality continues, Idol could keep going for a very long time!
TNT-Live in Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra   ©2014 Indie Recordings
​Wasn't quite sure what this was about other than the band's 30th anniversary. The reason I mention this is that Tony Harnell had not rejoined the band yet. I prefer Harnell as the frontman of this band. Curiosity grabbed control and I checked this album out. I came away quite happy as the 3 TNT vocalists were featured and it seemed that everyone gave their best. The package includes the CD and DVD of the show . Can't believe it's been 30 years and I do go back as far as the beginning as a fan. Very cool concert to celebrate the band's legacy. Looking forward to new music now!
Xtasy-Revolution   ©2014 Melodic Rock Records
​Good debut release from this female fronted melodic rock band. Working on the release as far as mixing and mastering go was Erik Martensson who fans will recognize from W.E.T. and Eclipse. The music has an edge to it, but as a whole is melodic and memorable as a result. The band's sound to me is upbeat and consistent from song to song. The album features quite a few guest musicians as well. This is a very good album to jump start this band with. The band have released a video for the track 'Stronger' which is a pretty good representation of the bands sound on the album. Do check it out.