Like a Storm-Chaos Theory Pt. 1   ©2014 Warner Music (New Zealand)
​Stumbled upon this band while browsing around Youtube. The band leans more modern and has a pretty catchy sound. Tempo ranges from somewhat heavy to melodic. The band is known for their use of the 'Didgeridoo' which has made an appearance on both albums now. The video track 'Love the Way You Hate Me' has been picking up steam and drawing a lot of attention to the band. There are other tracks I feel that could continue to propel the band to even greater heights if they get to radio.  Not sure if the band intends to make a 'Part 2' but I'm hoping so at this point. Pretty solid stuff!
Seventrain-Seventrain   ©2014 SoCal Records/Alliance Entertainment  
​Pretty decent album that features former Cage guitarist Eric Horton. The band's sound is much more raw and in places laid back. I was expecting a little heavier, but at the same time was pleased with the direction of this band and their approach to their music. There is a variety of sounds that obviously draw from a variety of influences including acts from the 70's through today's music. After listening to this a few times I felt it was a great cruising album. Music you can just sit back and chill with.There is enough diversity from song to song to keep the listener interested. Give Seventrain a listen!
Enceladus-Journey to Enlightenment  ©2014 Enceladus
​Labeled as speed metal, Enceladus offers a bit more than that. The band to me is like a hybrid of say Dragonforce meets Iron Maiden. There is a lot of Maiden in the music especially when you listen to how it is all structured. The guitar work and the bass especially. The speed that the band plays at times is where I draw the similarities to Dragonforce. They can get moving fairly fast in places. The album is a decent listen and makes the band worthy of being an act to keep an eye on in the future. I expect even better things as this band grows. For now, this is a decent metal album with some cool influences.
John Taglieri-Days Like These   ©2014 Leap Dog Music/Vanity Music Group
​While some may feel that Taglieri may not fit our format here at the Resource, he's a great hard working artist that lives a life of music with no doubts. I've followed John since the days of his 'Leap of Faith' album and as an artist he has grown with each album. 'Days Like These' to me has a more modern sound then some of the earlier stuff, but that may be what will draw more of his current audience. The album has 6 tracks of which most are fairly melodic in terms of sound. This album is made for the fans, not a label so it tends to be a lot more honest then some others out there. Good melodic rock!
Unisonic-Light of Dawn   ©2014 Eagle Rock Entertainment
​This band definitely is a supergroup of sorts and offers up some of the best power metal out there today. Featuring Michael Kiske on lead vocals and many other big names such as Dennis Ward and Kai Hansen, this is definitely a band not to miss. This latest album has some great intensity overall, but never gets away from the melodic nature that always seems to be apparent with Kiske involved. I was quite happy with the debut and am equally happy with this latest offering. If it's European power metal you are looking for, this one is a no brainer. An album that is as solid as the musicians on it!