Overkill-White Devil Armory   ©2014 Entertainment One
​If you go back through my reviews for Overkill, you notice a common theme.  This band is consistent, and quite honestly they are on a tear right now. One might ask how a band that has been around since the 80's can continually get better. Well, that band sticks to its principles. It doesn't go for trends or other crap, it just churns out the music that they do best. For Overkill, it's thrash, or Speed Metal if you like. This latest effort continues their trend and is an absolute burner. Been a fan since the early days and this just reminds me why. Probably the best in its genre so far this year. Keep it coming!
Lovebite-Lock N' Load   ©2014 Spectra Records 
​If you were a big fan of the sounds of the late 80's, Hard Rock and Glam in particular, you will come away very happy from this release. It has some very good riffing mixed with that era's melodic sound and is capped with a very 'Glam' sounding vocalist in Jonny Sparks. Structurally, this album is put together the same way as they did it back in the heyday. Bunch of rockers, then a ballad type song, then back to rockers. It is worth mentioning that if this was a different time, this band would probably be rocking the charts, but one can only hope at this point, but definitely still enjoy what they have to offer!
Adrian Weiss-Easy Game  ©2014 Adrian Weiss
​Very good solo instrumental album from Weiss which to me showcases a variety of different things. First is discipline. The songs are allowed to develop and flourish. There is also seem decent changes in tempo throughout the album. Good heavy stuff in places with some good riffs. Other songs go for a bit more finesse which makes for a good balance overall. The album to me is listenable and enjoyable, which is a feat in itself when it comes to instrumental albums. Some listeners can't deal with not having a vocalist, but to me, the guitar kind of carries that load. If you do like instrumental, check this out!
Houston-Relaunch II   ©2014 Livewire/Cargo Records
​Hadn't paid much attention to Houston. Obviously, I should have. This band does 2 things very well. They cover other bands songs with the utmost respect. The band also writes very good way above average AOR music. This release offers quite a variety in the covers area. A country track, some pop, and then your rock style as well. While the covers are pretty good, what shines with this album is the bands own songs of which there are 4. All 4 are absolutely great! I cam away from this band amazed at the quality they offer. Would love to hear an all original album from their as I'm sure it would be solid!
Loverboy-Unfinished Business   ©2014 Loverboy
​If you are looking for classic Loverboy, this is your album.  Very good reason. This album contains previously unreleased material that spans the bands career. To me this album would fit best with the early to mid 80's records. It sounds really good. There are your usual lighter more mainstream tracks such as 'Come Undone' and there are also some very cool more rocking numbers such as 'Slave' which has a very cool groove. This music is of very decent quality. Sometimes when you hear a band is going to release some of their unreleased material, you don't get very high expectations. This one is solid!