Chaos Theory
© 2001 Chaos Theory, Inc.
Looking for something heavy?? Chaos Theory is a band that will fill the need. Sometimes they sound like Slayer, and others like Pantera. The claim also is that there is some Powerman 5000 in there, but I really only see it in the vocals. This is pretty hard driving stuff.

This particular album has 6 tracks. Most have more of the modernized metal sound heard throughout. At times it sounds a bit like Machine Head as well. The album opens with the heavy 'Broken Face'.  'Pressure situation'  has some very chunky guitar rhythms mixed with some fast tempo bottom end. 'The Seeker' sustains the intensity to this point. 'Idolkill' lays down a pretty heavy groove. Probably the best track on the disc. Sometimes sounds a bit punk. 'Beat you at your own game' has a cool vibe going on. Like the drums on this one. 'Soulcage' finishes the album off the same way it started... heavy.

This album is definitely for fans of newer heavy metal. The album is very pissed off. Not a whole lot of melody here. The tunes are very riff driven. If you like your music with a ton of attitude and decibels, check these guys out.
Chroma Key-You go now
      © 2000 Fight Evil Records
Former Dream Theater Keyboardist Kevin Moore is back with his new band Chroma Key and sophmore effort 'You go now'. Chroma Key is quite a departure from Dream Theater, but is very cool nonetheless.

The music sounds a bit like Alan Parsons Project to me with a bit of Pink Floyd thrown in in places. Kevin has a pretty good thing going here. 'Get back in the car' opens the album with that Alan Parsons sound I am talking about. Moody elements and cool use of the keys. 'Another permanent address' is my favorite on the album. This tune paints imagery. Very good choruses that are instantly memorable. 'Nice to know' continues on a moody path. 'Lunar' is a narrated piece with some interesting Nasa stuff. 'When you drive' has some bizarre sounding vocals mixed with some more narration. Very psychadelic sounding music on this tune. 'Subway' lets your mind wander a bit. Trippy sounding vocals here. Sounds very cool though. 'Please hang up' sounds new age. Lighter sounds with more narration. The album takes an upbeat turn with 'Astronaut down'. Probably the most upbeat on the album. 'You go now' closes the album back on the lighter side.

The album is a good listen for those who like to open their mind and absorb the many things going on in each song. Interpretation would definitely be interesting with each listener. The music is moody and tends to be on the lighter side. If you are looking for Dream Theater, you'll not have a clue that Kevin was ever in the band by listening to this. He is an exceptional keyboardist as well as composer. This is thinking man's music.