After seeing Bruce many times fronting Iron Maiden, I know what he is capable of live. Listening to Scream for me Brazil is the next best thing to seeing him in action.

Bruce is one of metals soldiers that has cruised through the metal-starved 90's and kept his consistency in making the best music he can.

The track listing is exactly what I would have picked given the chance. A lot of the lineup is from the brilliant "Chemical Wedding". There are also tracks from "Accident of birth" and "Balls to Picasso". I wasn't surprised to not see stuff from "Skunkworks" or "Tatooed Millionaire". The fans did not recieve these albums as well. The later albums were very well liked by the critics and fans alike. In my opinion, I don't believe he has done a bad album.

The crowd on this album is first-rate. They know the lyrics and sing along constantly. Bruce commands his audiences like Hitler commanded the third Reich. The fans know what Bruce likes and vice versa.

The quality is very good. The booklet has tons of interesting photos from the shows as well.

Overall, I think this is 1999's finest live release. Metal fans know who gets the job done and we definitely thank Bruce for giving us a live retrospective of his solo career.

I remember hearing Guns 'n' Roses for the first time. "Appetite for Destruction" blew me away. There was a lot of hype and I wasn't sure they were going to live up to it. Needless to say, they did. Next came the "Use your Illusion" albums consisting of parts 1 and 2. That sure seems like forever ago. Nowadays, there is a new fanbase that barely knows who they are.

This album is very cool for fans who dig live albums. The rendition of "November Rain" has one helluva cool piano intro. All tracks sound good and are well done. This album captures the chemistry and magic the gunners had in the great days. Now the band is totally blown apart with Axl being the last surviving member of the original lineup.

The discs from the first pressings are mislabeled. I couldn't figure out what was going on when the wrong tune started on disc 1 after reviewing the track listing. OOPS on the part of the person responsible for this one. Axl can be a pain when he's pissed. What do you think??

The artwork is extremely cool. Old gig posters from the early days. Makes you miss the days gone by. Production on the sound is decent as well.

In closing, this is a great way to end the GNR era. Too bad the new stuff sounds so terrible. Oh well, pick it up and savor it, it may be the last good album you get.

Bruce Dickinson-Scream for me Brazil
                               ©1999 Sanctuary
Guns 'n' Roses-Live Era '87-'93
                ©1999 Geffen Records